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Workshops at the UAB Libraries: Current Workshops


UAB Libraries is delighted to work with the Center for Teaching and Learning as a Points Partner.

UAB Libraries and UAB’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) have similar goals: to increase learning through enhancing faculty teaching skills. A collaboration between these two entities can lead to student success and faculty teaching improvement. As the amount of information available through the library and online increases, defining and narrowing relevant resources has become more difficult.

The UAB Libraries Workshop Series will provide faculty with library tools and techniques that they can use to improve or streamline their teaching.

For more information about this workshop series, contact Delores Carlito.

Spring 2019 Workshops

Data Science, Visualization, and Libraries by Dorothy Ogdon

The term data has begun to appear in many places outside of research settings. Big data, data science, and data visualization are terms that are becoming common in discourse about the future of business and information finding, yet they can also be difficult to define for those not yet familiar with related tools and technology. In this workshop Librarian Dorothy Ogdon aims to help bridge this knowledge gap by presenting information on the evolving roles of libraries and librarians in data-related activities. Participants will gain an introductory understanding of what data science, big data, and data visualization are, how they are related, and ideas for introductory tools and projects to try.

*Registration not yet open


Fake, Fictitious, or Factual? Tools and Techniques for Evaluating Information by Delores Carlito

Fake news, alternative facts, and misinformation is not new, but it is now at the forefront of contemporary rhetoric. It’s complicated by the information inundation and Gen-Z’s reliance on all things digital. This workshop will give a short history of fake news, discuss current trends, and provide tools for evaluating news sources.

*Registration not yet open

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