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EH 212: Diaspora Literature: Introduction

Guide to accompany Dwivedi's class EH 212: Forms of Literature: Diaspora

Quick Start - Find Biography, Criticism, and Topic/Work Overviews

You can start your search for biographies, criticism, and background information with a quick look at Gale Literary Sources.




You will be applying what you have learned about the issues of diaspora in an assessment of a literary work by regarding how an author treats issues of displacement and identify. You will be creating an annotated bibliography and a paper.

You can break the research portion of the assignment down into three parts:

  1. Choose an author or multiple authors with similar backgrounds.
  2. Choose a work or works. This can be any work you've studied or another work by one of those authors. You can choose up to three to compare and analyze.
  3. Choose a theme. Possible themes are:
  • Immigration in a particular ethnic group (e.g. Latina)
  • Narrative style
  • Identity formation
  • Displacement
  • Perception
  • Idea of "home"

You will then find your sources. You must have at least 3 critical/scholarly sources and 2-3 popular sources.

This guide will help you with the research portion of your assignment. It also links to information on MLA citations and creating an annotated bibliography.

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