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For this project, you need to form groups of 4-6 centered around a common interest to explore one aspect of the linguistic diversity of Alabama.
Roughly we can divide the areas of interest into these areas:

  • Topics associated with African American English in the South
  • Topics associated with the indigenous (or First Nations') languages of the South.
  • Topics associated with heritage languages in the South
  • Topics associated with White American Southern English

As this are topics areas, each group needs to narrow down the focus of the project. In preparation for these presentations, the group needs to do some research. Since these projects will be very specific, the research should involve a basic background.

Each group will submit an annotated bibliography; each group member should be responsible for the discussion of one journal article in the bibliography. This annotated bibliography will be submitted as Short Assignment 4 (due on March 31).

This guide will address research for your annotated bibliography.

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