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SPA 460: Globalization in the Hispanic World: Home


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  • Trade
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  • Contemporary Hispanic Societies
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Quick Start

UAB Libraries OneSearch allows you to search our catalog and databases.



For information about Hispanics/LatinX in Alabama, refer to the guide Hispanics/LatinX in Alabama.

You can start your search in a general database to get keywords.



In this course, you are required to write 4 academic essays, one for each of the following topics:

  • Immigration to and from Latin America & Spain and its Societal Consequences
  • Free Trade Agreements in the Spanish-Speaking World and their Sociocultural Consequences
  • The Economic Crisis of the 21st Century and its Effects in the Spanish-Speaking World's Raising and Falling Economies
  • Contemporary Hispanic Societies: Family, Youth, Education, and Identity

In addition, you will have a final project.

This guide will provide you with information to locate sources for all the assignments. If you don't find what you need, contact me.

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