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EDF 362: Foundations of Education I: Advanced Searching

Learning to utilized Advanced Search options will go a long way to efficiently locating the resources you need. 

Other Search Options

Truncation searches for all forms of a word.

  • In most databases, the truncation symbol is the asterisk *.  Check the help menu to confirm. 

  • Educat* in a search box will bring up results with all words having the root “educat,” such as education, educational, and educators.

Quotation Marks search for phrases.  Entering “special education” in the search box will force the search to look for the phrase instead of separating the words.


Putting it together

Get What You Need

  • Those results without a full text article will most likely have an Full Text @ UAB Libraries option which will direct you to the location of the full text article (electronic and print), if it is available.  And if that fails...

  • Get a book or article from somewhere else!

    • Interlibrary Loan [ILL] If you find an article or a book you need that the library does not have, use Interlibrary Loan to request the item from another library. This service is free to you; just login using your Blazer ID and password

    • Renewal of ILL materials.  Remember, these materials belong to another library,. Please contact the ILL department at least one week prior to the due date, as they will need to find out if lending library will allow the material to be renewed.

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