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EHS 497/597 Special Problems in Education: Searching

Almost all databases use the same functions.  Once you know what to look for and how it works you can take that skill set anywhere.

A Reminder about Keywords

"Keyword" is just a term used to encompass all sorts of words and ideas that you use to search for resources.  They include terms from the

  • Title
  • Author's name
  • Publishing dates
  • Previous search results
  • Reference Lists and Notes

AND OR NOT = Search Predictability

The most basic function you will find in a database is Boolean Searching.  Boolean Searching uses AND, OR, & NOT to tell the machine how your keywords should function.

Imagine searching for a pet in a database of an animal shelter.  You might do something like this:

dog AND cat = for kids who want a pet that is both a cat and a dog          

dog OR cat  = for those who aren't sure which pet or have no preference        

dog NOT cat = for those allergic to cats

Schoolhouse Rock was about writing, not algorithms, but the song gets close enough to maybe help you remember. (Also, it's Schoolhouse Rock.)

Search Fields

Do we have it?

Get What You Need - Interlibrary Loan

If you click on Full Text @ UAB Libraries but still don't get your article you can get a book or article from somewhere else!

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