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HY 300: Historian's Craft

Links to history resources and guides for use as building blocks for historical research.

About Google Scholar

  • Provides an easy way to search the scholarly literature
  • Searches across many disciplines  
  • Finds papers, theses, books, abstracts, articles, citations, and working papers that can be difficult to find
  • Searches full text of entire article 
  • Ranks results by relevancy, not date (user can choose date range to see historical or new article

Tips for Searching

The basic options for Google Scholar are similar to what you may be use to.  Click on Advanced Search to

  • search only the titles of the articles
  • search only for articles by specific authors
  • search only for articles in specific journals
  • adjust the date range of publication

Link to UAB Libraries

Click on Settings

click on settings

Click on Library Links

click on library links