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Grey Literature in the Health Sciences: Effective Searching

Provides resources and strategies for finding and using grey literature in health science research.

Grey Matters Search Tool

This online search tool and checklist for searching grey literature

Grey Matters: A Practical Search Tool for Evidence Based Medicine (updated 2015)

provides a checklist of international resources, with tips for using each. The checklist is intended for the use of information specialists or researchers who are producing systematic reviews, HTAs, or economic evaluations. Its purpose is:

  • to ensure retrieval of relevant information not included in bibliographic databases
  • to document the grey literature search process
  • ensure grey literature is searched in a comprehensive, standardized way.

Additional Strategies

  • Scan Reference Lists from published articles, systematic reviews, and guidelines. 
  • Consult with principle authors and content experts in the research field.
  • Hand search  key journals or websites of important organizations in the area.
  • Collaborate with a librarian in formulating your search strategy.

Search Engines that Find Grey Literature

You can use the following resources to search effectively for Grey Literature. Click on the links below or subtabs above to see see video demonstrations and search tips for each.

Google Scholar

Search Engine Tips

Grey Literature can be found using your favorite search engine. 

Save time!  Use the Advanced Search page. When doing research on the open web, use more than one search engine; results will vary.







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