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Business Research Toolkit: Industry & Market Research

The Sterne Library's award winning Business Research Toolkit Program is offered each Fall and Spring semester. The hands-on program introduces participants to business resources and research strategies.

Sources Covered

Additional Resources

Initial Questions for Industry Research

Common Types of Industry Information

Industry information can be found in a variety of places.  Often you have to look in more than one place to find everything you need.  The important thing is knowing where to look.  So where can you begin?

Compiled Industry & Market Reports: These reports are available in library databases, from industry associations, and on the web.  They often include industry financials and forecasts, major players in the industry, and market share.    

Five Forces Analysis: These can be found in the industry profiles located in Business Source Premier. 

News & Trade Publications: You can use these resources to find current information about industries.  They are especially useful for niche or emerging industries.   

Industry Associations:  Many industry associations have statistics and other publications publicly available on their web sites.  

SEC Filings and Annual Reports:  Check out the 10-K forms for companies operating in your industry.  Take a look at Item 1A (Risks) to get a feel for what may be affecting the industry. 

Governmental Materials: Federal and state governments provide a wealth of industry information. Look for the regulatory agencies for your industry, as they may provide detailed statistics and figures on their websites. 

Industry Research Materials

Ratios & Industry Norms

The following sources are useful for finding industry ratios and norms. 

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