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Business Research Toolkit: Certificate Recipients

The Sterne Library's award winning Business Research Toolkit Program is offered each Fall and Spring semester. The hands-on program introduces participants to business resources and research strategies.

Certificate Recipients

Congratulations to the following 31 UAB staff and students who successfully completed the 2022 Spring Business Research Toolkit: 

Oluwadamilare Akinpelu, MBA

Latori Akins, UAB Staff

Ryan Beadles, Information Systems

Abby Bridges, Accounting

Bryan Chavez, Digital Marketing

Qingshou Chen, MBA

David Childers, UAB Staff

Angeles Cisneros, Criminal Justice

Alexis Dunning, UAB Staff

Tawny Fowler, UAB Staff

Jess Holt, Accounting

Imani Hooks, Accounting/Finance

Karen Horton, Business

Catina James, UAB Staff

Yerlan Keneskhanov, MBA

Pooja Kutagol Nagaraj, UAB Staff

John Ellis Kuykendall, Neuroscience & MBA

Jacob Li, Finance

Breanna Love, Industrial Distribution

Ellie McDaniel, Accounting

Mac McNamee, Finance

Cheyenne Medley, Marketing

Michelle Mendez Ruiz, Industrial Distribution

Ivan Parpura, Economics

Keerthana Pradeep Nair, Finance

Nilofer Sultan Sheikh, MBA

Tasha Smith, UAB Staff

Claire Staggs, Business Management

Quinesha Tate, Management

Kt Terry, Finance

Kevin Valladares, Accounting

Nana Weng, English Language Programs

Congratulations to the following 20 UAB staff and students who successfully completed the 2022 Spring Business Research Toolkit: 

Melika Alexander, Business Management

Hannah Bailey, Finance

Sherri Barnes, MBA

Kayla Faught, Marketing

John S. Goodman, Finance

Monica Hendon, Information Systems

Sara Justice, Accounting

Nekia E. Lee, Finance

Bernard Lisy, Medical Industrial Distribution

Christopher Melton, Digital Marketing

Astrid Morgan, Information Systems

Melissa Morgan, Human Resources Management

Destiny Nelson-Miles, Finance

Samuel Serrato, Business Management

Jamison Sims, Business Administration

Hanna Spencer, Finance

Karma Tolliver, UAB Staff

Macy Watson, Entrepreneurship

Ethan Wilkerson, Marketing

Daijiah L. Williams, Business Administration

Congratulations to the following 28 UAB staff and students who successfully completed the 2021 Fall Business Research Toolkit: 

Chris Austin, Psychology & Marketing

David Bachus, Business Management

Ann-Louise Burley, Business Administration

Taylor Burns, Economics & Mathematics

Sandeep Chalal, UAB Staff

William Chambless, Finance

Faizan Charania, Information Systems

Matthew Cole, Human Resource Management

Lauren Correa, Marketing

Jacob Couch, Masters of Accounting

Kristen Craig, UAB Staff

Ethan Hendrix, Marketing

Michelle Jacobs, Finance

Stella Kiss, Accounting

Haley Kvarnberg, Biology

Walton Lake, Accounting

Selena Le, Business Finance

Bradley McPhail, Management

Alisha Patel, Finance

David Patterson, Finance

John Phillips, Accounting

Yulexi Plata-Garcia, Industrial Distribution

Phuong Thi Minh Quach, Physical Therapy

Andrew Reed, MBA

Kristen Singletary, Accounting

Colt Smith, Medical Industrial Distribution

Natalie Spellman, Business Management

Katie Strickland, Human Resource Management

Magan Weeks, Economics

Roy Weng, Finance

Congratulations to the following 25 UAB faculty, staff, and students who successfully completed the 2021 Spring Business Research Toolkit: 

Maggie Bacon, Business Management
Alex Barnett, Accounting & Economics
Lauren Barr, Accounting & Early Childhood Education
Ashley Dothard, Accounting
Kaitlin Douglas, Accounting
Mackenzie Ervin, Business Management
Maranda Johnson, Information Technology
Stephen Jones, Management
Stephanie Kirkland, Medical Sociology
Carter Lundstrom, Industrial Distribution
Tobby Lunsford, Marketing
Trevor Martin, Information Systems
Neha Moolchandani, Computer Science
Sibley Myers, Business Management
Arnaud Thierry Mylle, MBA
Thao Nguyen, Marketing
C.J. Quinn, Business Management
Abby Russell, Industrial Distribution
Swati Sakhuja, Public Health
Michael Sanford, Finance
Charlotte D. Jenkins, UAB Staff
Nai-Wu Tien, Computer Science
Mary Turner, Business Administration
Savannah Tyler, Industrial Distribution
April Woodard, Human Resources Management

Congratulations to the following 34 UAB faculty, staff, and students who successfully completed the 2020 Fall Business Research Toolkit: 

Brianna Adams, Accounting
Brian Akhtar, Entrepreneurship
Sofia Bambinelli, Accounting
John Mark Boozer, Finance
Taylor Bounds, Information Systems
Reagan Bright, Human Resources Management
Joseph Buete, Finance
Linda Burrow, UAB Staff
Dalton Campbell, Economics
Stephen Clark, Accounting
Tatjana Coric, UAB Faculty
Monica Dent, Business Management
Emily Dia, Accounting
Spencer Dixon, Information Systems
Shirley Collins Gray, Business Management
Maximilian Grill, Accounting
Taylor Hampton, Accounting
Alexandria Hardy, Accounting
Christina Hendley, Marketing
Aleena Khan, Economics and IDM
Christian Lam, Industrial Distribution
JaDaun Northcutt, Industrial Distribution
Jonathan Odom, Medical Industrial Distribution
Zahan Panjwani, MBA & MPH
Dipal Patel, Finance
Melodie Pierre, UAB Staff
Kyndrah Poindexter, Management
Mallory Powe, Industrial Distribution
Al Sandige, Business Management
Keyur Savla, Vision Science
Darlene Simpson, Information Systems
Laura Smith, Marketing
Trey Stewart, Business Management
Christina Turner,  Finance

Congratulations to the following 41 students, faculty, and staff who successfully completed the Spring 2020 Business Research Toolkit: 

  • Ashley M. Allen, Staff, Center for AIDS Research
  • Jessica Andres, Finance
  • Jason Bivins, Staff, IT Business Services
  • Sharva Brantley, Staff, Facilities Human Resources
  • John Breckenridge, MAC
  • Hannah Breier, Staff, Industrial Distribution
  • Jack Broom, Economics
  • Michelle Moses Chambers, Staff, Medicine-Infectious Diseases
  • Grace Ann Champion, Accounting
  • Jessica Chediak, Accounting
  • Paramita Das, MBA & MPA
  • Christian Davis, Staff, Center For AIDS Research
  • Chris Floyd, Finance
  • Brittany Floyd, Accounting
  • Deandrae Charles  Fuller, Industrial Distribution
  • Hamza Gujar, Accounting
  • Erik Hernandez-Moreno, Marketing
  • Dylon Hurst, Industrial Distribution
  • Paul Jordan, MBA
  • Reny Joseph, Staff, Pulmonary/Allergy/Critical Care
  • Alicia Kindred-Yates, Staff, Office of the Institutional Review Board
  • Joshua A. Melnick, MBA
  • Jaime C. Coda  Muradás, MBA
  • Alexis Murawski, Genetics
  • Graham Nelson, Marketing
  • John Noland, Accounting
  • Courtney Penton, Marketing
  • Sam Phung, Accounting
  • David Pickard, Faculty, Business Marketing
  • Zhilei Qiao, Faculty, MISQ
  • Paton Roden, Staff, Collat School of Business
  • Ariana Sims, Public Health
  • Andreia Stechmann, Staff, Collat School of Business Career Center
  • Austin Swearengin, Finance
  • Kaila Szmajda, Economics
  • Becky Wakefield, Faculty, Clinical Affairs and Partnerships
  • Nicole Watson, Staff, Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Ebony L. Williams, MBA
  • Abby Wilson, Marketing
  • Sherri Woolf, Human Resource Management
  • Decarlos Wright, Staff, Family and Community Medicine

Congratulations to the following 37 UAB students, faculty, and staff who successfully completed the Fall 2019 Business Research Toolkit:

  • Amber Adams, Economics
  • Shonda Allen, Business Management
  • Esraa Amer, Business Administration
  • Jackson Bell, Information Systems
  • James Carroll, Management
  • Valeria Cato, MBA
  • Anna Childress, Business Marketing
  • Sunainika Damaraju, Finance
  • Amanda Davidson, Business Management
  • Josh Freund, Business Management
  • Sarah Gulledge, MBA
  • Cory Hamblen, Management
  • Janelle Hansen, Finance
  • Maura Harrison, Management
  • Chase Hoyle, UAB Staff
  • Julie Huang, Finance
  • Spencer Humphrey, Economics
  • Nopadon Kraisathianpaisal, MBA
  • Adrianne Lawyer, Information Systems
  • Elizabeth Limbaugh, Accounting
  • Lewis Tol Majiwa, MBA
  • Ebony Marshall, Industrial Distribution
  • Paul Kariuki Njambi, MBA
  • Radhika Patel, Finance
  • Yulexi Plata-Garcia, Industrial Distribution
  • Cedric Reynolds, Management and Finance
  • Loftin Rinehart, Finance
  • Rebecca Rodamar, UAB Staff
  • Caleb Rotton, MBA
  • David Sims, Management Information Systems
  • Jeanene Skillen, UAB Staff
  • Amy Slaten, Undeclared
  • Michael Stavlas, Management
  • Joseph  Swaika, MBA
  • Katie Terry, Accounting and Finance
  • Meg Wilson, Management
  • Michael Worley, Industrial Distribution

Congratulations to the following 73 UAB students, faculty, and staff who successfully completed the Spring 2019 Business Research Toolkit:

  • Siva Ambikapathi, Biotechnology
  • Alan Ash, MBA
  • Dodie Atwell, Information Systems
  • Jongjin Bae, MBA
  • Brittany Bailey, Marketing Management
  • Jaime Bethel, Finance
  • Hayward Black, Business Management
  • Kassie Boggan, Human Resource Management
  • Caitlin Brown, Marketing
  • Kristin Busche, Accounting
  • Trevor Cannon, Marketing
  • Angie Carpenter, Accounting
  • Trenton Carpenter, Finance
  • Rachael Childress, Business Management
  • Benjamin Chu, MBA
  • Kaytalynn Clark, Information Systems
  • Jeffrey Council, Accounting
  • Julie Cowan, Accounting
  • Andy Curry, Biomedical Engineering
  • Cassie Davis, Accounting
  • Chris Davis, Management Information Systems
  • Kasey Demetropolis, Accounting
  • Shawanda DeVaughn, MBA
  • Curmeshia Dorsey, Accounting
  • Jenna Doyle, Finance
  • Allyson Duncan, Human Resources
  • Jawon Frier, Marketing
  • Morgan Gaghen, MSHA/MBA
  • Arham Ghani, Information Systems Management
  • Tonisia Giddens, Human Resource Management
  • Marland Gilleylen, Accounting
  • Bailey Glaves, Marketing
  • Vincent John Graffeo, UAB Faculty
  • Christy C. Guy, Accounting
  • Andrew Hawkins, Marketing
  • Dallas Hayes, Finance
  • Joseph Haywood, Production and Operations
  • Conrad Hill, Business Management
  • Cayman Honea, UAB Staff
  • Jennifer Howell, MBA
  • Cheryl Hutcheson, Forensic Accounting
  • Jacob Irvin, Finance
  • Junias Jackson, MBA
  • Christina Johnson, Business Management
  • Mitchell King, Neuroscience
  • Sara King, Medical Industrial Distribution
  • Shirley A. Levins, Human Resource Management
  • Shawn Lim, Medical Industrial Distribution
  • Daniel Lindsay, Chemistry
  • Chris Lorimer, Economics and Finance
  • Charley Morris, MBA
  • Clark Morrison, Management Information Systems
  • Magrith Fransina Muabuay, MBA
  • Amin Nasseri, Neuroscience
  • Timea Neal, Finance
  • Anya Nguyen, Accounting
  • Dorothy C. Ogdon, UAB Faculty
  • Karan Patel, MBA
  • Amanda Rayburn, Human Resource Management
  • Spencer Sanders, Management
  • James Sauk, Information Systems
  • Kai Schmitz, Economics
  • Zach Sims, MBA 
  • Ben Smith, Marketing
  • Warren Stewart, Finance
  • Olivia Stricklin, Marketing
  • Shikira Strong, Management
  • Lindsey Taylor, Accounting
  • Georgia Thomas, Accounting
  • LaKeisa Tinker, Accounting
  • Monique Titus, Business Management
  • Emily Wallace, Accounting
  • Khrisna Widyanugrah, MBA

Congratulations to the following 37 UAB students, faculty, and staff who successfully completed the Fall 2018 Business Research Toolkit:

  • Joseph Alesce, Finance
  • Rawan Almutlaq, Biotechnology
  • Feras Awad, MBA, Finance
  • Nicholas Barnes, UAB Staff
  • Nicky Bennett, UAB Staff
  • Kerry Bowden, Finance
  • Donna Burnett, Accounting
  • Chisholm Carruthers, Accounting
  • Rebecca Clark, Mathematics
  • Ryan Coyner, MBA
  • Sarah Culver, UAB Faculty
  • Carmen Roberte Emmanuella Damonoko, Finance
  • Heather Nicole Davis, Accounting
  • Anagha Dhomne, Business Administration
  • Kayla Dollar, Accounting & Finance
  • David M. Drake Jr.,  MBA
  • Dyllan Duckworth, Finance
  • Micah Ehmke, MBA/MSHA
  • Rose Ferguson, Criminal Justice
  • Brooke Garrison, Accounting
  • Victor Gay, MBA
  • Hannah Gilliam, Human Resources Management
  • Julie Godwin, Accounting
  • Jia Shiung Guan, Biotechnology
  • Cameron Johnson, Finance
  • Mike Karam, Finance
  • Darnell Kemp, Accounting
  • Ryan Matthew King, Management
  • Meng Li, Biotechnology
  • Simran Malik, Biotechnology
  • Molly Mathews, MBA
  • Hannah Miller, Finance
  • Nicolette Renee Milligan, MBA- Marketing 
  • Sunasia Mims, Marketing
  • Mohamed Mohamed Ali Mohamed, Business Administration
  • Hali Moore, Business Administration
  • Matthew Moore, MBA
  • Felicia Muller Pettway, Communications & Marketing
  • Jeffie Nash, MBA
  • William Alexander Navarro Huamani, Education
  • Swanstika Nelson, Business Management
  • Sophia Ngo, HR Management
  • Katrinia Oliver, HR Management
  • Dane Palmgren, Accounting & Finance
  • Brasher Paris, Economics/Math
  • Neal Patel, Finance
  • Rupak Patel, Finance
  • Timothy Lane Putman, Computer Science
  • Helena Rivera, MSHA/MBA
  • Izaan Rizwan, Economics
  • Angie Roa Mancipe, Business Management
  • Haley Roth, MSHA/MBA
  • Corey Scott, Business Management
  • Brian Solet, Accounting
  • Joyce Solomon, MBA- Information Systems
  • Taylor Strode, Information Systems
  • Evan Talton, MBA/MSHA
  • Rahul Telange, UAB Staff
  • Larry Thompson, Finance 
  • Brianna Timmons, Information Systems
  • Keita Tokura, MBA
  • Jefferson Traywick, Business Administration
  • Duong Truong, MPH/MBA
  • Nikita Udayakumar, Finance
  • Thitaporn Vongvittayamethakul, MBA
  • Hunter Kathryn Wallace, MBA
  • Christian Waltman, Industrial Distribution
  • Jonathan Warner, Marketing & Psychology

Congratulations to the following 58 UAB students and staff who successfully completed the Spring 2018 Business Research Toolkit:

  • Alexis Allen, Marketing
  • Moath A. Alrefaei, MBA
  • Ankit Bansal, Philosophy
  • William Braxton Barnwell, Finance
  • Martha Bartlett, MBA
  • Alana Baumann, Accounting
  • Shivani Bhog, MBA
  • Sonya Busby, MBA
  • Matthew Calvert, Management and Marketing
  • Shedrick Carr, Business Management
  • Zeeshan N. Charania, General Studies
  • Kenny Chia, Marketing
  • Laura Jane Crocker, English
  • Justin Daigneault, MBA
  • Cameron Davis, Finance
  • Tony Dean, Industrial Distribution
  • Mai Do, Accounting
  • Michael Etwaroo, Economics
  • Lauren Geter, Human Resource Management
  • Stephen Ghavam, MD/MBA
  • Blake Green, Information Systems
  • Steven Guy, MBA
  • David Hooks, UAB Staff
  • Justin Jackson, Information Systems
  • Felicia Kidd, Accounting
  • James L. Kizziah, Biochemistry, Stem Cell, and Structural Biology
  • Kortney Knight, Business Management
  • Nicole Kocher, UAB Staff
  • Anthony LaMarca, MBA
  • Jojo Lin, MPH/MBA
  • Sharney Logan, UAB Staff
  • Aubre Martin, Human Resource Management
  • Justin McNeil, Accounting
  • Melinda Mueller, Economics
  • Hira Munir, Biology
  • Avantika Naidu, Rehabilitation Science
  • Ivandros Norvin, MBA
  • Caroline O'Brien, Industrial Distribution
  • Braxton Owen, Finance
  • Kierra Parker, Human Resources
  • Shanell Plante, Finance/Economics
  • Daniel Pointer, Finance
  • Kenzie Prosch, Elementary Education
  • Bryna Reid, MBA
  • Marcus Renda, MBA
  • Arezo Samanifar, Industrial Distribution
  • Mursilat Saquib, Accounting
  • Eric Scott, Computer Science
  • Norma A. Sides, Human Resource Management
  • Herb Springer, MBA
  • Carly Van Waveren, Biopsychology
  • Tonikos Vandiber, MBA/Criminal Justice
  • Jeremi Vo, Economics
  • Hoang Tram Vo, Accounting
  • Abigail Whitson, Human Resource Management
  • Jamie Witter, MBA 
  • Matthew P. Wood, MBA 
  • Sam Woods, Industrial Distribution

Congratulations to the following 48 UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Toolkit Program during the Fall 2017 term:

  • Claire Auriemma, Business Administration & Public Health
  • Adam Bain, Finance
  • Tammie Lawson Barnes, Accounting
  • Lexie Bear, Communications - Public Relations
  • Shannon Boi, Ph.D. Immunology
  • Nancy Borkowski, UAB Faculty
  • Abbie Branson, Accounting
  • George F. Brockman V, MBA
  • David Bullock, Accounting
  • Will Clifton, Marketing
  • Mark Cline, MAcc
  • Ambria Davis, Finance/Economics
  • Tere' Edwards, MBA
  • Antonio Foles, MPH/MBA
  • Rachel Green, Industrial Distribution
  • Adhika Hardhanu, MBA
  • Sara Hester, MBA
  • Fabia Hossain, Marketing
  • Cassandra D. Johnson, Business Management
  • Saad Khan, Finance
  • Marena Leisten, Medical Industrial Distribution
  • Jeremiah McGuire, Finance
  • Danah Mekdad, Finance
  • Dipanjan Mitra, MBA
  • Wesley Nelson, Mathematical Economics
  • Jason Peng, Graduate Biomedical Sciences
  • Steve Peterson, Management Information Systems
  • Jonathan Pilgrim, MBA/MSHA
  • Bailey Powell, MBA
  • Franceline Louis XVI, MBA
  • Kendra Royston, Biology
  • Jacquelyn Short, Criminal Justice
  • Megan Sircy, MSHA/MBA
  • Michael Sullins, MBA
  • Shelly Sykes, Accounting
  • Andrea Taylor, MBA
  • Tracey Taylor, MBA
  • Katrina Thomas, UAB Staff
  • Mary Thursby, Business Management
  • Clara Tracogna, MBA
  • John Vaughn, Information Systems
  • Sandheep Venkatesh, MBA - Marketing
  • Claire Warren, Industrial Distribution
  • Grace Weitkamp, Accounting
  • Maud Yakubu-Tanko, MAcc

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Toolkit Program during the Spring 2017 term:

  • Juliana Madrid Acevedo, MBA
  • Haifa AlHarrasi, Human Resources Management
  • Konan Michael Assoue, Finance
  • Mathew Banker, Marketing
  • Donald Battle Jr., Business Management
  • Beth Chandler, MBA
  • Nicole Compher, Business Management
  • Matthew Dickinson, Honors Economics, PPE Concentration
  • Tanner Fulton, Finance
  • Drew Gay, Business Management
  • Kyra Glasscock, Industrial Distribution
  • Tomas Gonzalez, Industrial Distribution
  • Peyton Daniel Grill, Accounting
  • Raden Fleming Hardianto, MBA
  • Ashley Headley, Management
  • Jennifer Martens, Psychology
  • Emily Schuyler Martinez, Accounting
  • Bruce Matlock, Marketing
  • Kristal Star Mayfield, Information Systems
  • Andrea McCay, MBA
  • Afrah Mohammed, Information Systems
  • Linda Nguyen Thi Nguyen, Pre-Nursing
  • Mindy Neureiter, Information Systems
  • Trevor Page, Marketing
  • Clarence Pullom, Finance
  • Sarah Megan Shoop, Communications Management
  • Jesse David Shoop, Business Management
  • Italia Sienna Simmons, Human Resources Management
  • Kimberlyn Snoddy, Accounting & Finance
  • Zach Vines, Accounting
  • Scott Watson, UAB Faculty
  • Seth Wilson, Marketing

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Toolkit Program during the Fall 2016 term:

  • Alondra Karime Diaz, Management
  • Allison Carroll, English
  • Andres Caceres, Marketing, Industrial Distribution, & Economics
  • Anissia Narang, MBA
  • Courtney Roberts, Prospect Research Analyst, Office of Assoc VP Development & Alumni
  • Dalila Gonzalez, Marketing
  • Dedi Surya Wardana, MBA
  • Dewa Putu Adi Wijaya, MBA
  • Fatma Jones, Master of Accounting
  • Hannah Drake, Management/ HRM
  • Jameelah Shamburger, Finance
  • Jennifer Dahrens, Accounting
  • Kate Harris, Prospect Research Analyst, Office of Assoc VP Development & Alumni
  • Kelsey McCombs, Accounting/Finance
  • Kylee Nelson, Management
  • Lauren Nicole Carter, Human Resource Management
  • Lindsey Brooks Moncus, Marketing
  • Loan Ngo, Master of Accounting
  • Lotoya Beard, MBA
  • Marissa Keppley, MBA
  • Mary Barnes Jackson, Data Processing Specialist, Office of Assoc VP Development & Alumni
  • Mayra Pribyl, Master of Accounting
  • Morris Ling, Marketing/Management
  • Nicole Brooks, MBA
  • Nikita Desai, Management
  • Nora Balas, IT
  • Pacifico Otamias, ID
  • Pareasa Rahimi, Marketing
  • Danielle Shankles, Management/HRM
  • Richard L. McCallum, Business
  • Robert James, Marketing
  • Samuel Sullivan, IV, Accounting
  • Siraj Trent, Management
  • Tara L. Ransom, Master of Accounting
  • Van Khong, Business
  • Yanisa Korcharoen, MBA
  • Yingli Liu, Accounting

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the UAB Libraries' Business Research Certificate Program during the Fall 2015 term:

  • Taylor Adams, Marketing
  • Seth Aderhold, Industrial Distribution
  • Bunatimi-Ebi Sydney Akinaka, Marketing
  • George Bachia, Computer Information Systems
  • Yawa Stephanie Badou, Finance
  • Dara Barker, M.Acc.
  • Ibrahima Barry, Accounting
  • Nyesha C. Black, Post Doc Fellow, School of Medicine
  • Tram Bui, Accounting
  • Anna Buie, Human Resource Management
  • Christopher Busbin, Information Systems
  • Jeffrey Byrd, Information Systems
  • Brooke Callen, Management
  • Pinar Cetinkaya, Psychology
  • Veronica Challenger, Management
  • LaDonna Cole, Accounting
  • Kristy Dinatale-King, Information Systems
  • Annetta Dolowitz, Faculty, Collat School of Business
  • Andrew Eaton, Human Resource Management
  • Nick Estill, M.Acc.
  • Beloa Gilles Fidele N'Guessan, Economics
  • Brittany Freeman, Marketing
  • Jacqueline Gamez, Accounting
  • Madison German, Information Systems
  • Keante Griggs, Management
  • Andrew Grill, Finance
  • Vanda Guin, Marketing
  • Brittany Horton, Health Care Management    
  • Alexandra Ibe-Cumba, Finance
  • Caleb Jones, Accounting
  • Zachery Mashburn, Marketing
  • Kendra McClain, Human Resource Management
  • Timothy McDonald, International Studies
  • Sevante Metcalf, Faculty, Collat School of Business
  • Cellina Miller, Accounting
  • Johnny Moncrief, Finance
  • Moses Namolo, Industrial Distribution
  • Brandy Norman, M.Acc.
  • Kesha Oduyela, Economics
  • Malinda Blair O'Leary, Faculty, Foreign Languages
  • Chiri Ouaoua, Marketing
  • Magdalena Tercero Pablo, Accounting
  • Molly MacFarlane Palmer, Accounting
  • Pamela Parker, UAB Staff, Department of English
  • Evita Payton, MBA
  • Sangeetha Purushotham, MBA
  • Mohib Raja, Industrial Distribution
  • Heejung Ryoo, Accounting
  • Kryshonna Sledge, Marketing
  • Bree Toney, Human Resource Management
  • Vi Tran, Accounting
  • Phillip Ward, UAB Alumni
  • Brianna Williams, Management
  • Jackie Wood, UAB Development, Department of Ophthalmology
  • Cherrise Woodson, Industrial Distribution

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Certificate Program during the Spring 2015 term:

  • Joshua Bass, Management
  • Aaron Billingsley, Marketing
  • Chasity Brooks, Marketing, Marketing
  • Dallas Cantrell, Finance
  • Maria F. Cruz Castro, Computer and Information Sciences
  • Peyton Chandler, Professional Writing
  • Courtney Clem, Industrial Distribution
  • Raizel Coiman, Marketing
  • Brandon Cristina, Industrial Distribution
  • Elijah Davis, Economics
  • Brittany Day, Industrial Distribution
  • Christopher Adam Dickert, Finance
  • Aubrey Dodt, Accounting
  • Cole Hayden Edge, Materials Science Engineering
  • Heath Fincher, Industrial Distribution
  • Jacob Floore, Operations Management
  • Giovanni Garcia, Information Systems
  • Holly Giang, Marketing
  • John Glosemeyer, Undeclared Business
  • Mehak Goel, Physiology
  • Lori E. Green, School of Education
  • Seth Hamilton, Information Systems
  • Spencer Herndon, Industrial Distribution
  • Alyson Kathryn Herren, Undeclared Business
  • Carolyn Holmes, UAB Libraries
  • Ryan Kalson, Finance, 
  • Afoua Yeboua Prisca Kouadio, Economics
  • Gloria Law, Information Systems
  • Pattaraporn Limsukon, Communication Management
  • Miller Lucas, Finance
  • Jacob McQueen, Biology
  • De Shea Malone, Finance / Accounting
  • Mandy McDaniel, Communication Studies
  • Tyler Mitchell, Management
  • Hilary Patel, Accounting
  • Hiren Patel, Finance / Marketing
  • Alayna Phillips, Industrial Distribution
  • Gregory Pugliese, Industrial Distribution
  • John Reid, Information Systems
  • Heather Robinson, Marketing
  • Kyle Rountree, Business Management
  • Andrew Russell, Industrial Distribution
  • Miriam Semaan, Finance
  • Amber Smith, Marketing
  • Christina Spero, Math
  • Boyang Sun, Finance
  • Sean Swedenburg, Finance
  • Glenn Terrell, Interdisciplinary Engineering
  • Rose Thomas, UAB Alum
  • Chi Lam Wang, Accounting
  • Whitney Wang, Accounting
  • Grace Weitkamp, Accounting
  • Kasie Wright, Undeclared Business
  • Weiying Zhang, MBA
  • Heather Zuo, Economics

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Certificate Program during the Fall 2014 term:

  • Mary Beth Adams, UAB Staff
  • Ola Alnemri, Biotechnology
  • Amber Anderson, UAB Collat School of Business Advisor
  • Dr. Aadithya Arumugam, Dermatology Postdoc Fellow
  • Mohammad Aadil Barra, MBA
  • Karis Berry, Marketing / MIDE
  • Didarul Bhuiyan, Biomedical Engineering
  • Chiquitta Bender-Bracy, UAB Staff
  • Rachel Brewer, Pathobiology
  • (Charle)tta Butler, Accounting
  • Meifang Chen, Public Health
  • Eric Ching, Computer Science
  • Clara Cid, MBA
  • Matt DeBoalt, Industrial Distribution    
  • Robert DeBusk, Industrial Distribution
  • Ivan De Jesus, Finance
  • Tyler Dean, MBA
  • Joel Dobbs, UAB Collat School of Business Faculty
  • Mallory Edge, Criminal Justice
  • Maria Antonia Garcia-Espinosa, MBA
  • Edie Godwin, Economics
  • Rebecca Gordon, Management
  • Natasha B. Hatch, UAB Staff
  • Jacqueline Hayes, Industrial Distribution
  • Curtis Scott Johnson, MBA
  • Abeda Iqbal, Finance
  • John Kalousek, Finance
  • Beibei Kang, M. Ac.
  • Nicholas Lavalley, Pathobiology
  • Ariana Lomelli, Management
  • Lauren Marshall, Biomedical Engineering
  • Chelsea McCoy, Biomedical Sciences
  • Nakia McMullen, UAB Staff
  • Amy Michaud, UAB Staff
  • Kandis Miller, Mass Communication
  • Lindsay Miller, Biomedical Engineering
  • Andrew Milstead, Finance
  • Alicia Misso, MBA
  • Marena Molay, M. Ac. 
  • LaQuetta Moore, UAB Staff
  • Shan Moore, Information Systems
  • Josh Muhammad, Nutrition
  • Jim Murray, Birmingham Public Library
  • Jason T. Nail, MIDE
  • Ejiro Ogodo, MBA
  • Ian Oliver, UAB Staff
  • Arif Patel, Information Systems
  • Vishal Patel, Finance
  • Haleigh Purvis, English / Business minor
  • Edward Reynolds, UAB Collat School of Business Advisor
  • Olivia Rouss, HRM
  • Jan Sanford, UAB Staff
  • Forrest Satterfield, Biomedical Engineering
  • Neema Shimwela, M. Ac.
  • Kanti Sunkavalli, MBA
  • David Talley, MBA
  • Lauren Trudell, Marketing
  • Tyler Tumlin, MBA
  • Tyson Edward Ungerbuehler, Management
  • Jordan Walton, Accounting
  • Shantay Williams, UAB Staff
  • Carlita Williamson-Wright, UAB Staff

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Certificate Program during the Spring 2014 term:

  • Alexis Alderson, Marketing
  • Arsh Arora, Information Systems
  • Joe Ann Askew, Program Coordinator – Preventative Medicine
  • Dr. Deborah Bidanset, UAB Research Foundation
  • Daniel Braxton, Marketing
  • Dr. Michele Bunn, Collat School of Business Faculty
  • Tierra Campbell, Criminal Justice
  • Queen Collins, MIS
  • Ryan Creel, Finance
  • Austin Farmer, Information Systems
  • Stephen Filios, Graduate Research Assistant, Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine
  • Dr. Leona Fitzmaurice, UAB Research Foundation
  • Marcela Florez, Marketing
  • Serkan Guldal, Engineering
  • Harry Harnett, Finance
  • Anika Hasan, Marketing
  • Charles Reese Hayes, Industrial Distribution
  • Kevin Hicks, MBA
  • Justin Higgins, Information Systems
  • Mallory Hobbs, Marketing
  • Becca Howard, Industrial Distribution
  • Latei Iyegha, Accounting
  • Ave Jack, Collat School of Business Faculty
  • Dr. Stacey Kelpke, UAB Research Foundation
  • Jesse Lawley, Business Management
  • Chase Lewis, Accounting / Finance
  • Vincent Long, Management
  • Lauren McLernon, Marketing
  • Breonna McCullough, Economics
  • Celeste M. Mills, Accounting & Information Systems
  • Nicholas Murphy, Management
  • Kathleen Neighbors, Industrial Distribution
  • Jonne Nguyen, Management
  • Myle Nguyen, Business
  • Stephen Osburne, HSF System Architect
  • Thuy Nguyen, Business
  • Sunil Pati, MBA
  • Tom Puetz, Management
  • Jenna Reaves, Business Management
  • Cory Roden, Accounting
  • Giorgia L. Romeo, MBA
  • Steve Sebastian, MBA
  • Dr. Tomasz Szul, Postdoc Fellow, Cell Biology
  • Tyler Smitherman, Management
  • William Somerville, MBA
  • Dr. Eve Vick, UAB Research Foundation
  • Shivani Viradia, Biotechnology
  • Dr. Marion Wallace, School of Medicine Faculty
  • Clint Whittier, Industrial Distribution
  • Lisa Williams, Program Coordinator – Infectious Diseases
  • Dr. Venkata Yeramilli, Postdoc Fellow, Microbiology
  • David Zimmermann, Management

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Certificate Program during the Fall 2013 term:

  • Kevin L. Adams, EAS Applications
  • Daniel Bailey, Finance
  • Harrison “Kyle” Baker, Industrial Distribution
  • Steven Ballenger, MBA
  • Adam Boyd, Accounting
  • Shelby Brownell, Marketing
  • Jalisa Burrell, Political Science
  • Brian Butler, Finance
  • Byung Kuk Choi, International Studies
  • Nara Lee Choi, Marketing
  • Jessica Channell, UAB Development Office
  • Andrew Clifton, Accounting
  • Dr. Lary B. Cowart, Assistant Professor, Interim Chair of the Department of Accounting and Finance, Collat School of Business
  • DiNaira Crosby, UAB Development Office
  • Cody Creekmore, MBA
  • Angela Daniel, Finance
  • Wenxin Deheus, Finance
  • Kai Dieffenthaller, Industrial Distribution
  • Heather Edwards, MBA
  • Gordon D. Evans, MSHA / MBA
  • Terri Goeman, Biotechnology
  • Wesley Hagood, Information Systems
  • Charles Hampton, Finance
  • Mengying He, Health Services Administration
  • Jason O. Hitchcock, MBA
  • Felicia James, Accounting
  • Jeffrey Jessee, Information Systems
  • Juliana Johnson, Marketing
  • Vaughn Jones, Industrial Distribution
  • Raheek Kadhim, Campus Services
  • Sabrina Latham, UAB Development Office
  • Frank Lay, Finance
  • Melinda Little, Management
  • Michael McIntyre, Finance
  • Menanteau Moolman, Accounting / Finance
  • Tracy Myricks, Finance
  • Terri D. Nix, Library Assistant, Sterne Library
  • Kamini Patel, Finance
  • Ronak Patel, Finance
  • Anna Perantoni, UAB Development Office
  • Crystal Peterson, Marketing
  • Bang Kim Pham, Finance / Economics
  • Jordan Pridemore, Finance
  • Nyya Reed, Finance
  • Daniel Reinman, MSHA / MBA
  • Thomas Rives, Marketing
  • October Robinson, UAB Development Office
  • Rafael Rondino, Economics / Finance
  • Marian Rough, Finance
  • Justin Rowe, Accounting / Finance
  • John Sanderson, Accounting
  • Christina Schulde, Human Resources Management
  • Corey Sellers, Finance
  • Taylor C. Sherer, Industrial Distribution
  • Edina Shrestha, MBA
  • Jimmy Sivley, Finance
  • Ekaterina Soshnikova, Marketing
  • Tyler Stewart, Marketing
  • Kevin Storr, MBA
  • Calvin Sturgeon III, Finance
  • Shane Thompson, Finance
  • Yuko Tsuruta, MBA
  • Laura Tull, Academic Advisor, Collat School of Business
  • Amanda Viikinsalo, Finance
  • Jena Ward, Human Resources Management
  • Jannie Westerman, Finance
  • Miesha Williams, Political Science
  • Jim Wimberly, Finance

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Certificate Program during the Spring 2013 term:

  • Alicja Foksinska
  • Alison Woods
  • Amani Ali
  • Amy Arreguin
  • Andreia Griggs
  • Andrews Agbleke
  • Arati J. Dangre
  • Archana Naik
  • Carlton Gamble
  • Craig Beard
  • Crystal McDermott
  • Cyrondys Jackson Springer
  • Darnell Adams
  • Davida Hall
  • Devin O’Rourke
  • Doug Ayers
  • Erik Lindley
  • Faris Mohiuddin
  • Francis Rivera
  • Gudrid Jacobsen
  • Jayna Kehres
  • Jem Wong
  • Jerry Bishop
  • Joan Cadillac
  • Jonathan Pilgrim
  • Joseph Evans
  • Julian Palmitessa
  • Julie Senter
  • Karissa Spears  Kristen Deering
  • Lauren Smith
  • Leon Evans
  • Lila Azerf
  • Manabu Sotome
  • Marney Powell
  • Michael Elsea
  • Michael Montana
  • Neeti Thakral
  • Paul Kellenberger
  • Payal Dalal
  • Randall Kornegay
  • Randall Parker
  • Reginald Kinsey
  • Riddha Modi
  • Rita Stewart-Hampton
  • Rocio Chueco
  • Ryan Skelton
  • Salem Awwad
  • Shane Day
  • Sha’Quandria Phillips
  • Simarjit S. Bains
  • Skylar Powell
  • Sung Joon Kwon
  • Sydnee Scott
  • Tuba Demir
  • Vanessa Vargas
  • Will Cowan
  • Zach Phillips

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Certificate Program during the Fall 2012 term:

  • John Walker, Business Management
  • Bidisa Chandra, Accounting
  • Fatema M. Zuaiter, Information Systems
  • Ran Sun, Accounting
  • Zihuan Meng, MBA
  • Blake Glover, Finance
  • Katrina Robinson, Accounting
  • Jim Connell
  • Anup Gill, Finance
  • Katrina Harrell, Management
  • Phuong Cac Nguyen, Finance
  • Rashad Moonschein, Finance
  • Vincent Giordano, Medical Industrial Distribution
  • Gabrielle Poole, Finance
  • Casey Greene, Management
  • Leslie Buttram, Management
  • Carin Mayo, MPA
  • Rachel C. Heath, MBA
  • Andres Sanchez, Finance
  • Lisa Burmeister, Marketing
  • James Burk, Finance
  • Selena Chen, Management
  • Emile Noble, Economics
  • Anh Do, Public Health
  • James “Randy” Carter, Management & Industrial Distribution
  • Brian Carstensen, Finance
  • Jacob Long, Accounting & Finance
  • Charles Kummer, Finance
  • Kelly Pan, Business Administration and Finance Investment & Institutions / Marketing minor
  • (John) Robby Hayes, Finance
  • Karson Kulas, Management
  • Pattaraporn Limsukon, Communication Management
  • Tyler Furgerson, Accounting
  • Gabriella Talentino, Management
  • Colin Scott, Accounting
  • James Brisco, Management
  • Matt Pinkerton, Finance
  • Garrett Gamble, Finance
  • Robert Zebrowski, Economics
  • Lauren Fant, Finance & Math
  • Gavin Gillison, Finance
  • Frank J. Doganiero III, Medical Industrial Distribution & Marketing
  • Tyler McLeod, Medical Industrial Distribution & Marketing
  • Melissa Howell, Accounting
  • Katherine White, Management
  • Hafeez Hameer, Finance
  • Eric van Elkan, Economics
  • Clint Bircheat, Forensic Accounting & IT Auditing
  • Linda Burrow
  • Christina Key, Financial Management
  • Charles Kummer, Finance
  • Courtney Foster, Accounting & Finance
  • Angela Zimlich
  • Sarah Roberts, Industrial Distribution
  • Naureen Chaudhiy, Psychology
  • Donald Nathan Vickers, Accounting
  • Alicia Clavell, School of Business Faculty
  • Elizabeth Marcelle Capellen, Accounting
  • Kyle Whitley, Marketing
  • Candice Lee, Marketing
  • Beth Glenn, Finance
  • H. Cheyenne Mangum, Finance
  • John Wong, Finance and Accounting
  • Katyjean Sharpe, English
  • Hiei Hoang, Biomedical Sciences
  • Shirley Hicks, Information Systems & Computer Science
  • Japigorn Puagsopa, Public Administration
  • William Murphree, Finance
  • Ahmad Sukar, Management
  • Forté, Shameka
  • Derrick Strong, Marketing
  • Lindsey Gipson, Finance
  • Vally Senasi, Public Administration
  • Mehmooda Fatima, Management
  • Candace Lee
  • Rachel Heath, MBA
  • Patrick Burk

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Certificate Program during the Spring 2012 term:

  • Eunice Asberry, Social Work
  • Morgaine Brown, Accounting
  • Brittany Bullock, Marketing
  • Talles Cardoso, Accounting
  • Ashland Carpenter, Marketing / Accounting
  • Sarah Turner Choi, HR Management
  • Angela Cunningham, Criminal Justice
  • Megan DeGaris, Marketing / Medical ID
  • Amber Dilley, Marketing
  • Chad Dozier, History
  • Elijah Eberhardt, Accounting
  • Roneka Edmond, Accounting
  • Brittany Fair, Management
  • Haotian Fang, Marketing / ID
  • Caitlyn Fortenberry, Accounting / Finance
  • Marty Fournier, Financial Affairs Associate, Purchasing Services Group (has applied to M.Ac. program for Fall 2012)
  • Akiel Gay, Marketing
  • Lauren Gibbons, Marketing
  • Mary Granberry, Marketing
  • Lauren Hagood, Marketing / ID
  • Jeremy Hearn, Management
  • Amanda Horsley, Marketing
  • Michael Horton, MBA
  • Cara Ireland, Medical ID
  • Jayne Ivy, Accounting / IS
  • Blake Jackson, Marketing
  • Nakai Johnson, Accounting
  • Patrick Johnson, Electrical Engineering
  • Steven Johnson, Management
  • Natalie Jones, Program Coordinator, School of Nursing, Community Health, Outcomes, and Systems
  • Helen Kim, Marketing
  • Nicholas Koe, Accounting
  • Jacob Ledbetter, Economics
  • Jack Li, Finance
  • Jing Li, Accounting graduate
  • Zhenhai Li, M.Ac.
  • Cassidy Lucas, Medical ID
  • Roy McDonald, Administration / Health Services (Doctoral Student)
  • Jeffrey McGilliard, Medical ID
  • Ashley Merritt, Accounting
  • Ryan Miller, Accounting
  • Dylan Palombo, Accounting
  • Kimberly Piazza, Accounting
  • Onreisha Pruitt, Finance / Marketing
  • Debra Richardson, UAB Alumni
  • Jonathan Riley, Marketing / ID
  • Katrina Robinson, Accounting
  • Linda Roley, MBA
  • James Sidwell, Management
  • Chad Smith, Accounting
  • John A. Smith, Faculty, Professor/Director, Laboratory Medicine
  • Susan Smith, Faculty, Lister Hill Library
  • Jarvius Sparks, Marketing / ID
  • Joseph Spellerberg, Marketing
  • Paul R. Spence, Accounting / Criminal Justice
  • Krystal Stewart, MBA
  • Kendra Studdard, Marketing
  • Lauren Talyor, Marketing
  • Mike Taylor, Accounting
  • Jason Thomas, Accounting
  • Alex Voss, Marketing
  • Camille Wamsley, Accounting / Finance
  • Brandi Webb, Marketing
  • Britani Williams, MIDE
  • Tesia Wimby, Business Administration (MBA)
  • Paul Wolkowicz, Faculty, Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Gregory Scott Young, MBA

Congratulations to the following UAB students, faculty, and staff who completed the Sterne Library’s Business Research Certificate Program during the Fall 2011 term:

  • Sarah Phillips, Accounting
  • Daniel Moser, Finance / Economics
  • Emily Yarbrough, Sociology
  • Elizabeth Case, Finance
  • Andelesia Langford, Business Management / HR
  • Ethan Hundiak, Finance
  • Dylan Byrnside , Marketing
  • Hong Liang, ID
  • Nekia Wilson, Marketing
  • Rebecca Klein, Business
  • Yolanda Lawrence, Accounting
  • Abdullah Algannuss, Finance
  • Chris Campanotta, Finance
  • Justin Epding, Accounting / Finance
  • George Turnley, Finance
  • Cynthia Soto, Accounting / Finance
  • Aakruti Ghelani, M.Ac.
  •  Daniel Wilson, Accounting / Finance
  • La’Shonda King, Management
  • Owen Malcolm, Finance
  • Agila Adam El-Fallah, Management
  • Ra’Netta Moore, Management
  • Monica Schroeder, Finance
  • Huyen Luu, Finance
  • George Brazier, Finance
  • Rebecca Krekelberg, Finance
  • Brian Yother, Finance
  • Joanna Walker, Finance
  • Sindhura Reddy, Finance
  • Georgia Luch, Marketing
  • Dr. John Middleton, Research Professor, Biomedical Engineering
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