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OneSearch: Helpful Hints


The OneSearch may look a bit different from what you're used to, but there are a number of possibilities available in using this system that were not previously available in the UAB Libraries' catalogs. For instance, without going to the advanced search, there were no options for using those fancy tricks we teach you to use in database searching (or on Google Scholar). Now, you CAN!

  • ( ) – Parentheses allow you to group search terms and alter the order of precedence. 
  • Use terms like AND, OR, and NOT to broaden or narrow your search. If using these terms in your search, please make sure to CAPITALIZE the words. This way, the system knows that these terms are not to be used as keywords but actual directions to the system for how to search.
  • Use quotation marks to search for something AS A PHRASE
  • Use a question mark (?) to perform a single character wildcard search. For example, type wom?n to search for records that contain the strings womanwomen, and so forth.
  • Use an asterisk (*) to perform a multiple character wildcard search. For example, type cultur* to search for records that contain strings, such as culturecultural, and culturally.

Finding eBooks Only

To find e-books, you will need to search for a title, author, subject, etc. first and then use the Facets (limiters) on the left side to narrow the results. 

First, you should choose Books from the Resource Type facet. Then, choose Full Text Online from the Availability facet.

The list of Active Filters will show you what limitations you have placed on your search results. At any point, if you would like to broaden the results rather than narrow them, you can click on the X to the right of the facet listed to delete it as a limitation.

You may click directly on the link in the results list to access the full text of the item. If multiple versions of the book exist, click on the title of the book for more information (see Multiple Versions advice under Helpful Hints tab for more information on this).

Multiple Versions

On occasion you may see a message that says "multiple versions" for books or "multiple sources exist" for articles. This is used when an item has either more than one copy (perhaps one copy is in print and the other/s are in electronic format) or more than one way of locating the full text (for instance, if a journal can be found in several different databases, there will be several different sources supplying the journal article). In this instance, the computer uses an icon showing many pages and will give you ways to access that information.

For books with "multiple versions" clicking on the title of the item will take you to a new screen listing the different books.

For articles, you can select the "supplier" or particular full text option from the View It section after clicking on the title.

ISBN/ISSN Searching

You can search for either an ISBN (international standard book number) or ISSN (international standard serial number) by typing in the numbers, with or without the dashes.

Refine My Results

As mentioned on the "Getting Started" tab, from the results page, you will have several options. You can refine your search results using Facets (or limiters) along the left side of the page. Currently the default results list allows you to see only items the UAB Libraries have access to in full. If you'd like to expand your search beyond these borders, click on Expand My Results at the top of the Facets. This will allow you to see articles, not books, that are not currently owned/accessible to UAB Libraries. 

Here we have selected the "Dissertation" option under Resource Type to narrow our results.

We have many results left after narrowing by resource type, so let's narrow by Subject as well. This gets us to a much more refined selection of results.

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