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Predatory Publishing: Open Access

Many students and faculty aim to publish their research in quality journals, but how do we know if the journal is legitimate? This research guide is a companion to our library workshops on predatory publishing.

What is Open Access?

From SHB Online

Evaluation Tools

The following resources provide information on funding agencies with open access publication mandates:

Publishing Models

Gold Open Access: Author pays a fee upon publication; then article is free to readers permanently.

Hybrid Journals: Subscription-based journals, but articles can be made OA and free to everyone if the author pays a fee (these are sponsored articles).

Green Open Access: Posting of a manuscript/article (pre or post print; with or w/o peer-review) to an institution or repository (file sharing sites) by the publisher or author. It’s free to both author & reader; relies on subscription model.

Open Archive: Articles from subscription based journals are made freely available to non-subscribing readers after an embargo period (access is delayed to non-subscribers.) In this model, the subscribers have covered cost for non-subscribers.

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