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HCM 480: Health Care Policy and Reform

Finding Public Laws for Timeline

Appendix 4 of the eBook above has a list of healthcare laws from 1798 to 2014.  The laws are arranged chronologically.  Most of the laws include the name of law, public law number and a summary of the law.  However, if a law name is not include in the text, you can find the name of the law on the National Archives and Records Administration U.S. Statues at Large webpage. 

Public Laws 1951-2013

Public Laws 1995-2020

 Your textbook gives you the year and public law (P.L.) number of the law. Therefore to find the name of the law:

(1) Scroll to the year of the law. 

(2) Click on the year.  

(3) Click "Public Law."  

(4) Scroll to the public law you want.

You can also read the PDF of the law.   

Avoiding Plagiarism of Law Summaries

theftYour professor asks that you do not copy and paste the summary provided by the author because those are the author's words, not your words.  If you use the authors words, you are stealing their words. Your professor wants your words and thoughts.  He wants to know how well you understand the public laws on your timeline. 

To help you avoid plagiarism, or stealing the author's words, try the steps below:

(1) Read the summary from the textbook, the original law and/or a summary of the law you find somewhere else

(2) Think about what the law is saying as you read it

(3) Take notes on your understanding of the law


(5) When you work on this project again, write down your thoughts on the law BEFORE you look at your previous notes.  These words are more likely your words.

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