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Virtual Reality at UAB Libraries: VR at Lister Hill Library

This guide is intended to serve as a source of general information about the virtual reality tools and related services provided by the UAB Libraries. Virtual reality tools and services are intended to support UAB Libraries mission and that of the Univers

Virtual Reality at Lister Hill Library

The Virtual Reality Studio at Lister Hill Library is a first-of-its-kind space in the UAB Libraries. The Virtual Reality Studio, located in Room 110 on the 1st Floor of Lister Hill Library, contains 3 dedicated virtual reality workstations with VIVE PRO Headsets. The UAB Libraries are currently participating in the Springboard pilot to make innovative experience management tools available using the VIVE PRO. This will allow users to easily switch between virtual reality experiences provided by the UAB Libraries. 

Current Virtual Reality Experiences

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Make 3D Printable Objects in VR

This video shows a preview of clay sculpting tools in MasterPiece VR. This VR experience includes tools for creating objects out of virtual clay, mesh, or by drawing lines. Objects created in this program can be exported in .STL or .OBJ format and 3D printed, making this a powerful and fun new design tool. 

3D printed pilot head

The red plastic head with glasses shown in this picture was created in Masterpiece VR, exported as an .STL file, and 3D printed by Praise Daramola. 

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