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American FactFinder (Census +): Using "Advanced" Search


Open link for American FactFinder

Select Advanced Search and then click on the button for Show Me All to begin your targeted search.


Choose your topic areas (or variables) for research.

Be aware that this is an automatic AND search, meaning that the system will attempt to find x topic and y topic (etc.) in the same table. The more topics you choose, the less likely you'll find results as not all tables include all your topics of interest.

When choosing your desired locations (geographies) to study, notice that there is an option for searching by Address. If you don't know the Block Group or Census tract number for your area, this will locate that information for you.

For example:

You may also select a more generalized race/ethnicity in the Basic Groups or select the Detailed Groups for more detailed race, ancestry, or tribe data.

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