Sciwheel (formerly F1000)- Citation Management: Adding Citations

How to add citations to F1000

Adding Citations to Your Sciwheel Account

Sciwheel provides a number of different methods by which one can import citations.  Some of the methods available for importing citations include:

  • Uploading a PDF of an article into Sciwheel, in which case Sciwheel will attempt to create a full citation for that article
  • Exporting citations from a database (PubMed, CINAHL, etc.) by saving them to a computer file and then uploading that file into Sciwheel
  • Manually entering citations into Sciwheel
  • Using the Sciwheel browser extension/plugin to easily capture citations from a webpage, database search results page, etc

Among all of the methods for importing citations into an Sciwheel account, the easiest and most efficient method is to install and utilize the Sciwheel browser extension/plugin.  The steps for installing and using the extension are described in detail below.  If you would prefer or need to try a method of importing citations other than the web browser, please click here for instructions regarding the various methods of importing citations into Sciwheel.

Using the Sciwheel Browser Externsion to Acquire Citations

The steps below will go through downloading and installing the Sciwheel browser extension:

1)  To download and install the browser extension, login into Sciwheel.  And then from within Sciwheel, click (in the upper right hand corner of the page) on the Tools link, and then from the dropdown menu select the browser extension option (note: in the example below it reads Firefox Extension, and that is because I was using Firefox; you should see the name of whatever browser you are using appear along with the word "extension".


2)  To complete installation of the Sciwheel browser extension tool, follow the prompts displaying on the screen

3)  If the browser extension has successfully installed, you should now see the    icon in your browser toolbar:

The following steps demonstrate how to use the Sciwheel Browser Extension to capture citations from the Internet (PubMed is featured in the example below but you can use the Sciwheel Browser Extension with numerous online databases, search engines, etc.):

1)  Go to the PubMed database.

2)  Run a search in PubMed

3)  Once on the PubMed search results page, click on the Sciwheel browser extension icon (you will notice now that there will be a number on the extension icon indicating the number of citations on the page which are eligible for retrieval)


4)  When you click on the extension icon you will see a list of the article citations available for you to save in your Sciwheel account; place a check in the box next to each citation you want to save and then click the Add button


5)  To confirm that the citations now reside in your Sciwheel account, open your Sciwheel account and have a look


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