Sciwheel (formerly F1000)- Citation Management: Organizing/Sharing Citations and Obtaining Full-Text

Full-Text Links in Sciwheel

1)  Open one of the citations in Sciwheel by clicking on an article title

2)  On the upper right side of the resulting page, click on the "Institutional Access" link (this will search UAB library's collections for the article)

3)  When you have obtained the full-text PDF of the article, you can save it with the citation in Sciwheel by first saving the PDF to your computer and then uploading it to the corresponding citation in Sciwheel by clicking on the "Upload PDF" link to the right of the full citation record in Sciwheel.

Creating a Citation from a PDF

In Sciwheel you can upload a PDF for which you don't yet have a citation and Sciwheel will attempt to generate a citation based on PDF metadata and store the PDF with the citation (please note that this works best with newer PDF's; and if a citation built from PDF metadata is lacking information, Sciwheel will display an alert letting you know you will need to manually enter additional information for the citation)

1)  To upload an article PDF into Sciwheel and auto generate a citation,  on the home page of your Sciwheel account, click on the box in the upper left hand corner that reads "Import References", and then, in the resulting box, click on the PDFs link.


2)  Next, select the location where the PDF is currently stored and then click "Browse"

3)  Select the PDF you want to upload to Sciwheel, and then click "Open"

4)  After the uploading is complete, you should see a new citation for the article PDF in Sciwheel along with the accompanying article PDF

Placing Citations in Seperate Projects

In Sciwheel, citations can be organized by placing citations into separate Projects (Projects is the name given to what others might term files, groups, etc.).  After citations have been placed into your Sciwheel account, go through the following steps in order to place one or more of the citations into a group.

1)  Click on the plus symbol (+) next to Private Projects located in the upper left hand portion of the page


2)  In the box that appears below the Private Projects heading, name your Project and then press enter on your keyboard


3)  You should now see your project listed under the Private Projects column

4)  To add citations to a project, check the boxes next to each citation you want to add to a project, and then drag the marked citations into a particular project (note: dragging if multiple citations are marked, dragging one of the marked citations into a Project will drag all of the marked citations into the Project)


5)  Verify that the citations are in the Project you placed them in by clicking on the title of your project on the left hand side of the page


Sharing a Collection of Citations with Others

One of the beauties of Sciwheel, is how easy it is to share a Project  (Sciwheel's name for a collection of citations) with other people. To share a Project (collection of citations) in Sciwheel with others, do the following:

1)  Click on the three vertical dots located to the right of the Project you would like to share

2)  In the resulting list of options appearing underneath the Project you want to share, click on Share Project

3)  In the box that now appears in the upper right hand corner of the page, enter the email address of the person you want to share the citations with, enter a message for the recipient of the shared citations (optional), and click the invite button

Upon receiving an email from Sciwheel, the person you invited can accept or decline. Once accepted, they can read, edit, add or delete references, as well as read your notes and write their own (you can set notes to private if you would prefer)

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