Sciwheel (formerly F1000)- Citation Management: Using the Sciwheel Word Extension

The F1000 Word extension can be used to place in text citations and references in a bibliography in the style of your choice

Installing the Sciwheel Word Extension

The Sciwheel Word extension is a powerful tool that allows you to easily insert in-text citations into your Word documents.  Not only that, the Word extension will also automatically generate a bibliography for you at the end of your document.   With the Sciwheel Word extension, in-text citations and bibliographies can be auto-formatted in any of thousands of styles (including AMA, APA, MLA, etc.).

Note: before beginning the download and installation process, close all Microsoft products including Word, Outlook, etc.

To download and install the Word extension, take the following steps:

1)  Click on the "Tools" menu (upper right corner) and then select "Word plugin & desktop app" and then on the resulting page click the "Install for...." button


2)  After you have downloaded and installed the Word extension, open Word, click on the Sciwheel tab, and then click on the Sciwheel sign and icon and proceed to sign in using your Sciwheel login credentials


If you successfully logged in you should see all of the Sciwheel features that were grayed out prior to logging in, now brought into color and ready for use.

Generate a Quick Copy and Paste Bibliography

The Word extension is fabulous for creating in-text citations and a bibliography within a document......but sometimes all you need is a quick bibliography.  The following steps take you through generating a quick copy and paste bibliography.

1)  In Sciwheel, place a check mark next to each citation you want to include in the bibliography (alternately, you can open a "Project" and just click the select all citations box at the top of the references page)

2)  Next, click on the icon and select "Generate bibliography"

3)  In the resulting box, select a style (MLA, APA, etc.) and then click the "Generate" button

4)  In the drop down menu, select the browser of your choice to open the bibliography, and then click "ok"

5)  You should then find that the bibliography has opened in the browser of your choosing, and that it is ready for you to copy

Inserting In-Text Citations and Generating a Bibliography

The following steps explain how to use Sciwheel Word extension to add in-text citations to a Word document and auto-generate a bibliography

1)  Place the cursor where in the document you want to place an in-text citation; next select the citation style (APA, MLA, etc.) you want to use; and then click the "Insert Citation" icon


2)  In the resulting box, place a check mark to the left of the citation(s) you want to insert, and then click the "Add" button in the lower right hand corner of the box


3)  You should now see an in-text citation where you placed the cursor in Word.  If when you scroll down the page in your Word document you don't don't discover a Sciwheel created bibliography, then click the "Create Bibliography" icon (and then click "Yes" in the box that follows)  Note:  Once you have clicked "Create Bibliography", anytime you add an in-text citation, an accompanying citation will automatically be placed in the bibliography at the bottom of the document.


If all went well, you should now find that when you scroll to the bottom of the Word document, there is a bibliography



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