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Smart Citations: A Citation Discovery System

It might feel unorthodox using it....but if it contributes to creating a better paper, then put it to use!  Sciwheel supplies a tool in the Word extension called "Smart citations".  With this tool, you can highlight text in a Word document (or just place the cursor in a particular place in a Word document) and the "Smart citation" tool will then search a set of the available scholarly literature and return citations relevant to that part of your paper.  To give "Smart citations" a try, follow these steps:

1)  Highlight an area of text in a Word document for which you would like to discover additional articles topical to that highlighted section

2)  Click the "Smart citations" icon in the Sciwheel toolbar and see the results that appear to the right of the Word document; to place one of the results into the Word document, place the cursor where the in-text citation should go, and then click the "Cite" button below the citation that you want to use (when you click the "Cite" button, the citation will be added to the bibliography of the document as well as to your Sciwheel collection)



Searching for Additional Citations from Within a Word Document

Presently, there are three databases (PubMed, Google Scholar, and Faculty Opinions) that, thanks to the Sciwheel Word extension, can be searched from within a Word document.  Citations discovered via these databases in Word can easily be inserted into the open Word document (and those inserted into the Word document will simultaneously be saved into your Sciwheel account collection.

In this guide to searching for citations from a database within Word, the PubMed database will be the resource searched.

To search in PubMed from within a Word documnent:

1)  In the Sciwheel Word extension toolbar, click on the ("Search PubMed") icon; doing this will result in a search field box opening to the right of the Word document (Note that in the search box on the right, you can select from the tab set to search Google Scholar, Faculty Opinions, or your collected references)


2)  Enter a search term(s) into the PubMed search box and run the search.  Results will appear just below the box you in which you placed your search terms.  Note that you can click on any of those citations to expand it and see the abstract.  To cite one of the PubMed search results, do the following:  a)  place the cursor in the document where you would like to place the in-text citation, b)  click the "Cite" button corresponding to the PubMed citation you want to place in the document.  The cited search result will have a green check mark below the article title, and if your bibliography has been started in the document, your bibliography will automatically be updated to include the newly inserted/cited PubMed citation.




Sharing a Document with Collaborators

With the Sciwheel browser tool, you can upload a document to your Sciwheel account and invite feedback from those you invite to review it.  To share your paper via Sciwheel with invited collaborators, do the following:

1)  Make sure you have saved the Word document to your computer

2)  In the Sciwheel toolbar in Word click "Sciwheel Manuscript" and then "Collaboration" and then "Share with Co-authors"


3)  In the resulting box, add a title to the document, select a Project (you can also create a new Project) in Sciwheel to place the document in, and then click the "Upload to Sciwheel" button


4)  The document will now appear in your Sciwheel account. On that page you can: a)  share the document with others by clicking the "Ask for Feedback" button and then entering the email addresses of each person you would like feedback from, and 2) You can highlight text and make notes by highlighting a section of text, clicking the resulting  icon, selecting a highlight color and entering a note, and then clicking save (notes can be viewed by hovering the cursor over a highlighted are or by reading the accumulated notes on the left side of the page).


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