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Trouble Accessing Full-Text from UAB Libraries: Troubleshooting EZProxy & Access Problems: Problems Linking to Full Text

Troubleshooting problems linking to full text

Are you unable to access a full text article in an e-journal?

Sometimes when you click a link to full text from the library catalog or from the  button in a database, you might arrive at a page that seemingly communicates that the article is not available through the library (even though you may suspect that, or wonder if, the library does provide access to the full text for the journal and article you are interested in).  An example of a page that might lead one to believe that full text cannot be obtained:

Possible workarounds and methods for double-checking if the library actually has the full text article for a citation:

1)  If on campus, try clicking on the vendor/publisher supplied button if it is provided in the database (see vendor button example in PubMed below)


2) Search for the journal title and check the scope of coverage in the UAB Libraries' journal title list to determine if the journal volume and issue you are looking for is available through UAB Libraries, and if it is available, discover whether or not it is available in print and/or electronic format.

For example, If you wanted to see if the article pictured above ("Percutaneous Intramyocardial Septal Radiofrequency Ablation...") in the journal Cardiology, from November, 2019, is available at the library, you could search the library journals collection for Cardiology, and in this case you would see that the library record for the journal indicates that it is available online through the library (see below).



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