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EH 106: Freshman Writing I: Finding Background Information and Articles

Starting Out

You will start your paper by doing some research about your topic.

A Writer's Reference states, "research assignments ask you to pose a question worth exploring, to read widely in search of possible answers, to interpret what you read, to draw reasoned conclusions, and to support these conclusions with valid and well-documented evidence" (331). 

Below are some places to find background on your issue. Some questions to think of while looking up your topic are:

  • When did this first become an issue?
  • Why is it an issue?
  • Who does it affect?
  • What's been said about it in the past?
  • What else do I need to know about it to understand it?

Where to find articles

You may need popular and/or scholarly articles.  These databases have both.

When searching Academic Search Premier:

It's to the upper right of your search results.

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