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HY 300: Historian's Craft: Getting Started

Links to history resources and guides for use as building blocks for historical research.

History Frame

Basic Resources

Primary versus Secondary Sources: What Are They?

Subject Headings

The following are a few relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings. Think "tags" when you think of subject headings. The difference between these "tags" and those you might find on social media is that the Library of Congress controls what terms, spelling, etc. are used. This "controlled vocabulary" helps organize words and phrases in a more standardized way to make searching more efficient. For instance, if I was searching for "Civil War" as a keyword, I would find many references to events involving the concept of "civil war" in various countries.  If I only wanted to find information related to the United States civil war, I could use the subject heading

United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
If you don't know the exact phrase for your particular subject (and most don't), you can always start with a general "keyword" search. Once you find something that peaks your interest, make sure to pay attention to the subjects listed for that book, sound recording, etc. You can always click on those subject headings to take you to other materials we have on that exact topic.

These can help you in finding basic guides, manuals and historical methodology books in our Local Catalog.

  • Historiography
  • History--Methodology
  • History--Research
  • History--Study and Teaching

Research Consultations

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