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HY 497: History Capstone

Links to history resources and guides for use as building blocks for historical research.

Primary Resources

Finding Primary Sources

Primary sources are available through numerous avenues of research. They include:

Finding Primary Sources with Subject Headings

Use subject subheadings to narrow your search even further to find primary sources rather than secondary sources in the local catalog. 



  • Correspondence
    • Example: William II, German Emperor, 1859-1941--Correspondence
  • Diaries
    • Example: Working class women--Colorado--Diaries
  • History--Sources
    • Example: Alabama--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Sources
  • Interviews
    • Example: Witnesses--Germany--Nuremberg--Interviews
  • Maps
    • Example: Japan--Civilization--Maps
  • Pamphlets
    • Example: Ireland--Politics and government--1760-1820--Pamphlets
  • Personal Narratives
    • Example: World war, 1914-1918--Personal Narratives, American