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HY 449: Disasters in American History: Finding Secondary Sources

Relevant Databases

Search Tips

You can use the following search tips in the databases to help narrow or broaden your search results.

Tips for Database Searching:

Boolean searching: using the terms AND, OR and NOT to enhance your searching possibilities.

AND: used to combine two or more keywords or phrases to narrow your search.

Example: “human rights” AND “disaster management”

OR: used to broaden your search by allowing you to search for two or more similar words.

Example: “natural disaster*” OR “earthquake”

NOT: used to narrow your search by eliminating a word or words from your search results.

Example: “natural disasters” NOT “wildfire”

Phrase searching: placing a term in quotation marks to let the computer know to search for specific terms as one phrase rather than separate words 

Example: “human rights”

The asterisk (*) can be used to search for several endings of a word at the same time

Example: “urban develop*” will search for the terms “development,” “developing,” etc.

Can't Find It?

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