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Information Literacy Pathways for CAS: Pathways: Communication Management

This research guide outlines the instructional support provided by UAB librarians regarding a variety of subject areas.


The Department of Communication Studies is concerned with human interaction and communication in all of its forms. The department offers concentrations in Communication Management, Journalism, Broadcasting and Public Relations. The Communication Management concentration is designed for students interested in the general principles and applications of communication from interpersonal relationships to organizational and health settings, to the theory and practice of public dialogue. A minor is available in Communication Management for non-majors.

Library Instruction

The UAB Library Research & Instruction program is committed to providing the following support to the Department of Communication Management:

  • Library Instruction is available to any instructor that has an identifiable need for research support in his or her communication course.
  • Research consultations are available to all Communication students by request.


Before, during or after students’ library instruction, the librarian will distribute a pre-assessment to determine how well students have retained the objectives from the previous library instruction.

Spot the Troll

The quiz where you examine images of real social media content and decide whether it's from a legitimate account or an internet troll.

At the end of each semester the Communication Management Liaison Librarian will distribute a survey to every participating faculty member to determine faculty perceptions of student research skills.

Information Skills Pathway: Communication Management

Level One

Library instruction session for Communication Management students during their freshman/sophomore year. 

Learning Outcomes

Level Two

Library instruction session for Communication Management students during their junior year. 

  • Learning Outcomes
    • Identify databases most relevant to research
    • Finding political resources – local, state, national, international
      • Evaluating resources
    • Pitfalls and opportunities of search engines (i.e.  google)

Level Three

Library instruction session for Communication Management students during their senior year. 

  • Learning Outcomes
    • Finding primary and secondary sources using advanced search strategies
    • Using NexisUni
    • Intersections between fact finding and academic research process

Learning Outcomes

Students who have met the level of research competence expected of the Department of Communication Management will be able to:

  1. Recognize reliable and non-reliable resources  
  2. Evaluate local, state, national and international political resources resources
  3. Identify how to narrow or broaden their topic.
  4. Identify potential keywords within their research questions.
  5. Identify specific information needs.
  6. Navigate subject-specific databases that support the Communication Management Department.
  7. Summarize pitfalls and opportunities with search engines

These learning outcomes represent only the minimum expectations of research skills for Communication Management majors and do not supplant any expectations made by Communication Management faculty. Instructors are encouraged to develop more specific outcomes as necessary.

Communication Liaison Librarian

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