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UAB and Birmingham Research: UAB

This guide will show you how to find information and numbers on UAB and Birmingham


You can find a lot of information about UAB through the home page, can also find information about UAB through the local catalog using the search "University of Alabama at Birmingham."

UAB History
The function of the UAB Archives is the appraisal, collection, organization, description and reference use of UAB's official records of enduring historical value. The UAB Archives is the repository of the institution's memory and seeks to advance knowledge concerning the origins, mission, and programs of UAB and their historical development.
The Chronology provides a listing of important events at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and its predecessor institutions and organizations from 1831 to the present day.
The UAB Digital Collections contains information about UAB and Birmingham. Some UAB-specific collections are the Birmingham Medical College Collection, Electronic Theses and Dissertations, Ethnographic Films, the UAB Oral History Collection, UAB Publications, UAB Historical Collection and UAB Portrait Collection.
In 2018, UAB created a new strategic plan addressing education; research, innovation and economic development; community engagement; and patient care.

UAB Administration
An alphabetical listing of academic units. For a list of departments in those schools, click on the individual schools.
If you ever wondered who is in charge of whom, this organizational chart will show you.
If you wondered about how the UA system is run, you can find information about all three universities that make up the UA System. You can find financial reports and strategic plans for all three universities under the "Institutions: tab.


Nonacademic Information
Find out what is available, and the health and nutrition information, for your dining options. In order to see the current menu and nutrition for the Commons on the Green, you will have to download an app.
Link to all student organizations through Engage. Includes registered student organizations, club sport, university-funded organizations, and Greek life.
How much is UAB compared to other colleges? And how much does Alabama provide per student? What are the average salaries after getting a UAB Degree? This site will tell you.


UAB Numbers
The UAB Factbook has the current year's numbers on many many aspects of UAB.
This is a great place to go for numbers about UAB. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis provides data, information, and analyses related to students, faculty, staff, programs, financial resources, and policies.
This page links to Annual Financial Reports, Budget Summary Reports, and Building Operating Cost Reports. UAB Libraries also have 1972/73-1973/74 and 1977/78 - 2005-2006 budgets in print.
You can find some points from the study conducted in 2016 in a news story. The UAB zone map with current fees is online.
The Clery Act reports are the annual statistics on crime at UAB.  You can also look at the monthly crime statistics. To compare UAB's crime rate to other universities' look at the national Campus Safety and Security website.

UAB Sports
This site gives a short history of UAB sports. For a chronology, see the Chronological History of UAB.
See the total and average attendance for NCAA football teams.
See the total and average attendance for NCAA basketball teams.


UAB News

  • Kaleidoscope weekly student newspaper (October, 1967 - present)

Current Issue:
Archives: Search the archives for your topic.

  • UAB Magazine (Fall 1997 - present)

Most recent issue:
Archives (2008-2013)/back-issues
          UAB Magazine is the university's flagship magazine.

  • UAB Reporter (1984 - present)

Most recent issue:
Archives: Search the archives for your topic.
          The UAB Reporter is the employee newspaper.


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