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EH 478/578: Milton: Emailing & Citing Entries

Emailing or Downloading

Printing an entry

  • to print the entry, click Print and follow the instructions.

Saving an entry

  • To save the current entry, click Save and follow the instructions given.

Sending an email link

  • To send an email link to the current entry or search results list to someone else (regardless of whether they have an OED Online subscription), click Email. The email will contain a link to the current entry/results list only, which and will be valid for the next three days.


Citing an entry
Click Cite to display a page containing a citation to the current entry in two common formats: MLA and Chicago. The citations can be cut and pasted directly into academic work.

You can also export citations to citation managers such as EndNote, ProCite, and RefWorks.

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