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SOC 489: The Research Experience

Things to Note

Connecting to our resources

To connect to content from UAB Libraries, it is best to start on our website. You can search our collections from the front page without a login.  However, when you click to access an article or Ebook or if you start at a database, you will be asked to login.  Just type your Blazer ID and password to connect.  

ILL & Document Delivery

At some point you will run into an article you need but we don't have.  To solve this problem we have InterLibrary Loan.  This service will allow you borrow the article from another library and have it emailed to you.  All you have to do is start the request and provide as much information as you can. 

Research and Citation Consults with a Librarian

Need help? You can contact me or chat with another librarian anytime you need help.  Need something more than the answer to a quick question?  Make an appointment with me where we can sit down and go over your questions about research or citations without interruption.

Organizing as You Read

As you do research, keep track of your sources, and organize them into groups.  You might group them based on

  • source information you will need to write your references
  • claims and/or main findings
  • methods
  • outcome/s
  • assumptions authors have made (which you might agree with or find infuriating)
  • page numbers and content of phrases or statistics you might want to quote/cite

Note: All of these details could inform future searching and save you from having to comb through an article trying to find a lost piece of information!