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Turning the Pages: Home

This is an instructional guide on how to navigate the Turning the Pages platform.

Navigational Instructions

To turn the pages, put your finger or mouse on the page you wish to turn and drag it across the screen. Also, listed below are the different buttons on the main menu and their function.


Open Library

This opens the TTP Library. From here, you can browse the items available.



This allows you to manipulate items in various ways including zooming in/out, rotating, and resetting the page.



This allows you to view supplemental audio/visual materials included with items.



This allows you to access supplemental texts included with the items such as descriptions, transcripts, etc.



This allows you to search for items in the Turning the Pages Library.

Turning the Pages

Click on the image above to view the Turning the Pages Library.

Turning the Pages (TTP) allows users to interactively flip through and learn more about materials from UAB Libraries. View some of our colorful Incunabula from the pre-1500s, or get a close up look at a letter written by George Washington to his dentist. These materials and others are now available to virtually explore. This innovative platform creates a safe environment for materials, and offers a more hands on experience for users. View these items on any web browser or on a 55" touchscreen kiosk located on the first floor of Lister Hill Library.

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