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Business Research Toolkit History

Learn about the Business Research Toolkit Program offered each fall and spring semester in Canvas. The hands-on program introduces participants to business resources and research strategies.

History of the Toolkit

The Business Research Toolkit (originally the Business Research Certificate) is a program taught by the Liaison to the Collat School of Business. Created in 2010 by Jeff Graveline, the program was developed to meet the business research needs of students, faculty, and staff across campus. Since it was started, hundreds of students from all backgrounds have received a certificate of completion. The program was originally designed to cover specific areas of business research including: the research process, company research, industry research, advanced news searching, demographics & business statistics, and international research. The program also includes a module designed to cover all aspects of academic dishonesty. 

Kara Van Abel took over the program in the spring of 2017 adding new modules and re-designing the format to make the Business Research Toolkit accessible to anyone regardless of their location or schedule. While it was only taught on-campus for the first several years, it is now offered in a fully online, asynchronous classroom within Canvas. In the spring of 2023 a digital badging pathway was created so that participants who successfully complete the toolkit can link digital badges to their social media platforms and online portfolios.

A complete list of UAB students, faculty, and staff who have completed the Business Research Toolkit as well as the Business Research Certificate can be found on the Certificate Recipients Tab of this guide.