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Multimedia Creators Resources: For an art studio assignment

If you're working on a creative piece for an art studio class...

Transformation is the key word when it comes to using someone else's creation within your own artwork.

  • Is that music just playing in the background of your video, or have you combined it with another track or distorted it with a filter?
  • Does the image look just like the original, or did you make a composite or animation? Is it part of an assemblage, recreated in a style or medium different than the original

Since it's a class assignment or part of your educational program, Fair Use exceptions should apply.

If your art work will be displayed publicly or shared online...

Be careful using any copyrighted material in works you plan to display publicly, including any music. Also, audio recordings don't have the same rules as text and images for when they are automatically out of copyright.

When looking online for stock audio files, always double check the license or terms of use. Some sites offer free files, or you can pay a licensing fee to use it in a public work. This is called Commercial Use. Royalty-Free doesn't mean free cost, just that you don't have to pay ongoing costs to the copyright owner, just a one-time fee.

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