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KIN 485/585: Advanced Exercise Testing and Prescription

This guide was originally created by Dana Hettich.

Intro to Framing

  • Searching involves learning about your idea as you go. 
  • Think about words connected to your idea. 
  • All words are not equally important. 
  • You do not have work alone!  Click through the slides and then check out the video below to see how to use the words you already have to find new ones. 


Titles/Hypotheses/Research Questions/Topics

Start where you are. Pick apart your research question if you haven't already.

Highlight the Key Pieces

Not everything written down is important to the investigation.  Focus in on the most important...well, keywords. 


Sometimes you may not need a word at all because it is implied in the effort itself.  Some words need to be given more thought to see if they matter.  

Each Word is World of Ideas

Every word you use can contain numerous other ideas. Maybe those ideas are more specific.  Maybe those ideas are just ways to convey the same idea more precisely.  

Jargon, Jargon and more Jargon

It's like a spider's web. 

Using Databases to Brainstorm