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Google Scholar: Patents

Tips for using Google Scholar, including how to find articles, test instruments, patents, cited references, and grey literature, set up email alerts, and export citations to EndNote.

Tips to Remember

  • Google Scholar does not allow you to search only for patents. If you wish to search only patents and like the simplicity of the Google interface, you may want to try Google Patents (beta); Advanced Search page provides search blanks for patent number, inventor, document status, and more.
  • Because Google Scholar does not share where its content comes from or how frequently it's updated, your results may not be complete. Patent documents found using Google Scholar may not be the most recent versions. For comprehensive patent searches, you should consider searching additional patent resources, such as Lexis Uni

Finding Patents Using Google Scholar

To search for patents using Google Scholar:

1) Enter the invention name, inventor's name, patent number, or other identifying piece of information into the search box and check the box next to "include Patents." Click Search.

2) Look for results that say Google Patents.

3) Click on a result that looks like the patent you're interested in. (You may want to click on the All versions link below the title to see all available sources of the patent.) You'll then see a page similar to this, which shows you the patent or application number, inventor's name, description, drawing and more. You'll also see a link to the patent on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website, when available:

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