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Physical Therapy: Scopus

A guide for finding literature to support evidence-based practice in physical therapy.

What is Scopus?

Scopus is a multi-disciplinary database of peer-reviewed literature. It includes international sources from the life sciences, social sciences, health sciences, and physical sciences. A couple of its helpful features include the ability to easily see how many times a particular article has been cited by other authors as well as view each article's reference list directly within the database. You can access Scopus from this guide or the Lister Hill Library website (click the Scopus tab in the middle)

Scopus Guide

Click the image below to access Lister Hill Library's guide (including tutorials) on Scopus. A new window or tab will open, so you will not lose your place in this Physical Therapy guide. When you are done viewing the Scopus guide and tutorials, close the window or tab to return to this guide.

Scopus guide screenshot

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