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Healthcare Simulation

Search for Test Instruments Using Google Scholar

You can use Google Scholar to find test instruments or information about test instruments. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Be sure you have the correct title for the instrument (i.e. Dichotic Listening Test rather than Dichotomous Listening Test).
  • You may find a site that will define the test and give information about purchasing copies of the test. Or with great luck you may find the test itself freely available online.
  • The search below locates a site that offers all materials related to the Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory.

1) Enter the name of the test instrument into a Google Scholar search box. You will probably want to use quotes around the instrument title so that Google Scholar will search for the title as a phrase.

2) Look for a title that sounds like the article discusses the development of the instrument. Or you may see a result with the exact title of the instrument, as in this example.

3) In this example, all documents needed to use the Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory are provided as free downloads. Instructions for how to use the instrument are provided above the download links and on the rest of this site.

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