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Trouble Accessing Full-Text from UAB Libraries: Troubleshooting EZProxy & Access Problems: Common Problems

Help and Issue Reporting Contacts

If you are having problems accessing library resources, you may always contact a librarian from here, or report the issue here.

Login error


When attempting to login to a library resource (database, article, eBook, etc.), if you enter your  BlazerID and password incorrectly or your BlazerID and password are expired (or non-functioning for some other reason such as student or employment position status), you will see the error message "That username or password was incorrect.  Please Try again." 

To check on the status/functionality of your BlazerID and password, please visit BlazerID Central.

Unproxied Resource

If a resource has not been set up in one of our UAB Libraires proxy servers, you will see the following error screens:

If you are on campus and the URL contains the word "ezproxy," you can remove the EZProxy prepend (in blue & bold in the following URL: and use the resource. Just remove the "" so that in this case you are left with just

If you are off campus or cannot fix the url, please contact us. In many cases, we can find a solution to get you to the resource that you are trying to access.

Everything Up to Date?

You may experience problems using library resources because of your browser version, Adobe, or browser settings. You may have to update your browser, update your browser plugins, or update your versions of Adobe Reader or Flash. You may also have to allow pop-ups or otherwise adjust your browser settings to see all content.

Security Certificate Warnings

Sometimes a conflict between http and https urls in the proxied database url can cause browser security errors. This should rarely happen. If it does, please contact us to let us know.

If you see a warning message when attempting to access an online library resource, and if you believe it to be an error, you may decide to proceed on to the resource.  If you elect to do this, you can click on the "Advanced" link in the warning messages (as seen in the example images below), and follow the steps to proceed with accessing the library resource.

Chrome error:

Firefox error:

Browser Privacy Extension Settings

There are many browser extensions that provide privacy and security for Internet browsers.  Some of these extensions include those such as the Electronic Frontiers Foundation's Privacy Badger browser extension (which blocks online trackers).

    Browser extensions such as Privacy Badger can sometimes interfere with the functionality of a website and library resources.  If you are having difficulty accessing or using a library resource, you might need to change the settings in your privacy browser extensions in order for the library resource to render and function properly.  For example, in Privacy Badger, cookies that are disallowed by the extension might need to be permitted, or the extension might need to be disabled for a particular website or online resource.  Below is a screenshot of the options for changing settings in Privacy Badger (other extensions will have different interfaces for changing setting but this should give you a general idea of what to look for when changing privacy extension settings).

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