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This guide will help you establish and maintain your professional identity and measure the impact of research outputs

Introduction - the role of scholarly metrics

Scholarly metrics have been developed in an attempt to quantify the impact researchers and their research outputs make to academia and society 

  • Academic impact is the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes in shifting understanding and advancing scientific method, theory, and application within and across disciplines
  • Societal impact is the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy, and its benefits to individuals and organizations


Researchers may need to highlight or demonstrate the impact of their scholarly works when:

  • Preparing job applications or promotion dossiers
  • Preparing a CV or Biosketch
  • Applying for grants, and reporting on the activities of funded research to expound upon the "broader impacts of your work"
  • For foreign scholars, completing requirements related to visas and permanent residency
  • Identifying potential collaborators or experts in a field

modified from Hofstra/Northwell


UAB libraries and the Office of Scholarly Communication offer a variety of services around scholarly metrics such as:

  • Consultations or instruction on scholarly metrics topics and applications
  • How to automate record keeping
  • How to set up and maintain Scopus or ORCID IDs
  • Using Altmetrics
  • Developing metrics reports for hiring, tenure and promotion, departmental evaluations etc.

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