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Mechanical and Materials Engineering Home

Welcome to Mechanical and Materials Engineering

This guide is a starting point for mechanical and materials engineering research in the Sterne Library. For further information on library materials and other resources, consult the STEM Librarian for Engineering.

What's in This Guide?


This page has lists of databases that you can use to search for topics from general engineering to specific domains, such as civil or mechanical engineering. At the bottom, there are also some general databases that can be useful for more broad searching.

Codes, Specifications, and Standards

UAB has access to many sources for codes, specifications, and standards, some of which are fairly general and some of which are very field-specific. If the specific standard you're looking for isn't represented here, reach out to your STEM Librarian about gaining access to what you need.

Handbooks and Encyclopedias

Engineering, like many other STEM fields, have great handbooks and encyclopedias with standard definitions and descriptions of a wide variety of topics. This is a collection of a few resources from the UAB Libraries, separated by engineering discipline. This is not an exhaustive list - there are many more on a wide variety of topics available at UAB - but this should be a great place to start.

Current News Sources

There are many websites that cover current events in science, engineering, and technology. Here you can find a list of several of these websites that are popular. If you have a website you love, feel free to recommend it to be added to the list.

Citations in Engineering

Once you have selected sources to use as references in your own work, you will need to cite where your information came from. Check here for information on a variety of commonly-used Engineering citation styles.