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Newswriting and Reporting: Newspapers/Magazines/Transcripts

Research basics for the Newswriting and Reporting I and II courses in the UAB Department of Communication Studies

Database Search Tips

Use these tips when you search databases to find articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals.

  • Combine terms with AND, OR, NOT:  charities AND fraud
  • Use truncation to find multiple forms of a word:  journalis* [finds journalism, journalist, journalists]
  • Use quotation marks for phrases:  "investigative reporting"
  • Look for Help or Search Tips in databases

Nexis Uni


Other Nexis Uni Tutorials

Additional News Databases

Locate Full Text of Journal Articles

If you don't see the full text of an article in the database you are searching, use these steps to find a copy of the article:

1. Choose  to check for full text in other library databases.

2. Search the Catalog to identify the call number and location (usually second floor) of the journal.

3. Request a copy of the article through Interlibrary Loan.


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