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Newswriting and Reporting: Shaia / Newswriting and Reporting I / Fall 2016

Research basics for the Newswriting and Reporting I and II courses in the UAB Department of Communication Studies

Activity Instructions

This page includes the questions and links to help you complete the class activity during the library research session for Newswriting and Reporting I. Write your answers on the activity sheet you receive at the beginning of the session. For the "Share" portion of question #4, enter your answers on the linked website.

If you have questions about the activity, ask the librarian for help during your class session.

1. Read the BuzzFeed article

2. Answer questions about the article

What are the original sources of information for this article?

Did the reporter interview anyone for this article? If so, who?

3. Search LexisNexis Academic database

Search the LexisNexis Academic database for articles about Zika and blood donations. What are the article title, author, publication, and date of one of the articles you found.

4. Think about organizations to contact for local angle

What local organizations might you contact to get additional information for an article about Zika testing and blood donation in the Birmingham metropolitan area?

Think: Answer on your own.

Pair: Compare answers with a partner.

Share: Enter your and your partner's answers to this question, minus duplicates, on the following website:

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