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Safety Data Sheets What Are (Material) Safety Data Sheets?

What Are (Material) Safety Data Sheets?

The Code of Federal Regulations (29 CFR 1910.1200(g)(1)) states: “Chemical manufacturers and importers shall obtain or develop a safety data sheet for each hazardous chemical they produce or import. Employers shall have a safety data sheet in the workplace for each hazardous chemical which they use.”  Each data sheet must include the following sections and headings, and the associated information under each heading (Appendix D to §1910.1200—Safety Data Sheets specifies the minimum mandatory content for each section):

  • Section 1, Identification;
  • Section 2, Hazard(s) identification;
  • Section 3, Composition/information on ingredients;
  • Section 4, First-aid measures;
  • Section 5, Fire-fighting measures;
  • Section 6, Accidental release measures;
  • Section 7, Handling and storage;
  • Section 8, Exposure controls/personal protection;
  • Section 9, Physical and chemical properties;
  • Section 10, Stability and reactivity;
  • Section 11, Toxicological information;
  • Section 12, Ecological information;
  • Section 13, Disposal considerations;
  • Section 14, Transport information;
  • Section 15, Regulatory information; and
  • Section 16, Other information, including date of preparation or last revision.

In order for these SDSs to be available to customers, manufacturers and distributors of the chemicals provide access to them on their websites.