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Textbooks for UAB Science Courses Science Textbooks

Print and electronic textbooks for science courses available through the UAB Libraries.

Textbook Affordability

We understand that the price of STEM textbooks continues to increase and that students are the victims of these rising costs.

Faced with the prospect of paying several hundred dollars for a single textbook, some students may choose not to buy it impeding their ability to succeed academically.

Source:  Uvaro. (2022, September 13). Average cost of college textbooks over a 4-year degree.

Textbook Reserves

While it is not possible for the library to acquire textbooks for all UAB STEM courses (due to the large number of courses and the high cost of textbooks), we have attempted to make as many available as possible to support students who may be unable to afford their own copies.

Instructors can help support this initiative by placing personal or library copies of print textbooks on course reserve, adopting low cost texts that can be acquired by the UAB Libraries, or exploring affordable instructional materials.

Don't see your textbook? You can suggest a purchase but understand that some publishers will not sell textbooks to libraries.