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EH 213: Wicked Witches and Charming Princes: Introduction

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Your assignment is to apply what you have learned about witches in history, culture, and and fairy tales to a work of literature. You will be creating an annotated bibliography and a paper.

You can break the research portion of the assignment down into three parts:

  1. Choose a topic. Some possible topics are:
    • gender roles
    • multiculturalism
    • subversion
    • genre
    • feminism
    • treatment of characters
  2. Choose a work. This can be any work you've studied.
  3. Search for books and articles on your topic.

This guide will help you with the research portion of your assignment. It also links to information on creating an annotated bibliography and citation help..

Argument Options

  1. How has Disney contributed to the evolution and development of the fairy tale tradition? Select a specific fairy tale to support and illustrate your analysis.
  1. How has the subversive rewriting of traditional fairy tales altered the perception of gender roles? You can choose from any of the subversive portrayals that we have discussed in class: Oyeyemi, Tannith Lee, Angela Carter etc.
  1. How have witches been treated in fairy tales and how has that treatment contributed to the reinforcement of traditional stereotypes pertaining to witches and women?

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