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Higher Education Administration

This guide was originally created by Dana Hettich.

Research Accounts and Search Alerts

1. Create account in preferred database.

2. Execute search. 

3. Locate the Share or Save search option.

4. Select Length of time and frequency the alert will run.

5. Enter email for delivery.

6. Select format of email.

7. Change subject of email to something you will recognize.

Email Alerts

Setting up email alerts in databases will continue your search after you've left the database. Once you have found a Boolean string of keywords that works best for your search, log into your database account. From the search results page, you should be able to create an email alert to send search results to you. You are able to personalize the frequency, format, and time frame of results sent to you.

Search Alert Tip: Change the subject title so that you don't think the email sent to you is spam.