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NTR 232: Lifecycle Nutrition



While you are at UAB, you should always access PubMed through the library's website so you can have access to online journals the library pays for.


Another way to find articles PubMed is to build a search using Medical Subject Headings, or MeSH.

MeSH is the "controlled vocabulary" used by the National Library of Medicine - basically a set list of terms used to categorize and index articles.

Using MeSH terms to find articles in PubMed will expand your search skills and connect you to articles you may not have normally found.

To learn more about MeSH terms, a printed guide is available from the National Network of the Libraries of Medicine OR click the image below for a brief video tutorial!


Video Tutorial - Use MeSH

Want to Learn More?

Our PubMed via LHL Guide has many more tips and training resources if you're interested in learning more about PubMed.

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