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NTR 232: Lifecycle Nutrition

What is CINAHL?

CINAHL stands for the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature. Indexed in the database are over 3,000 nursing and allied health journals, books, dissertations, conference proceedings, standards of practice, and more.


What are CINAHL Headings?

Just like PubMed has standardized Medical Subject Headings (MeSH terms) assigned to each article, CINAHL has CINAHL Headings. They serve the same purpose: to help optomize your search. To browse the entire list of CINAHL Headings, click the CINAHL Headings link in the top left when you're in the CINAHL database.

Want to Learn More?

Our CINAHL Guide has many more tips and training resources if you're interested in learning more about CINAHL.  In addition, a CINAHL handout with screenshots is below.

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