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Social Sciences Research Toolkit: Week Five: Global Information Sources

This resources are used to support the Sterne Library certificate program in the Social Sciences. Included are the semester schedule, classroom presentations and handouts.

UAB Library Databases

There are several databases which include information about or from international sources. The include:

Business periodicals, worldwide coverage. Comprises Dateline, Global, and Trade and Industry.

Seventeeth- and eighteenth-century newspapers and news pamphlets from the United Kingdom

Peer-reviewed journals and popular publications covering business; includes trade journals, monographs, economic and industry reports, and market research

Index of Latin American and Caribbean journals covering the sciences, social sciences, and humanities

Images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America, and works in English printed elsewhere, from 1473-1700

Various social, political and educational topics as covered world-wide in newspapers, magazines and journals. Diverse perspectives and viewpoints

Federal, state and international legal materials

Newpapers from everywhere; includes Chronicle of Higher Education and student newspapers

Books, monographs, newspapers, photographs and more, published during the nineteenth century

Complete catalogues of selected libraries worldwide

Class Presentation

Library Guides

Several libraries and organizations have excellent guides listing international sources of information freely available on the Web. They include:

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