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ICPSR: Resources for Teaching

How to search for and use data found in ICPSR, a data archive for social and political science research.


Data Driven Learning Guides

Exercises used to teach concepts in social science utilizing online analysis available from ICPSR

  1. Acculturation
  2. Age and Attitudes about the Rights of Homosexuals
  3. Aging and Caregiving
  4. Aging and Social Integration
  5. Altruism
  6. The American Dream at the Turn of the 21st Century
  7. American Identity and Immigrant Resentment
  8. Attitudes about Global Warming in the United States
  9. Attitudes about Racial Discrimination and Racial Inequality in the US
  10. Attitudes toward Electoral Accountability
  11. Attitudinal Stability on Short- and Long-term Issues
  12. Body Image, Gender, and School Experience in Adolescence
  13. Characteristics of Teen Substance Users
  14. Civic Participation and Demographics in Rural China
  15. Crime Victimization in the US
  16. Demographics and Non-Traditional Civic Participation
  17. Educational Attainment
  18. Ethics and Politics
  19. Euthanasia
  20. Exploring the Gender Gap
  21. Exploring the Second Shift
  22. Free Blacks in Philadelphia, PA in the mid-19th Century
  23. Frequency Distributions
  24. Gambling Behavior in the United States
  25. Gender and Occupation
  26. Gender and Racial Differences in Teens' Attitudes about Sexuality
  27. Gender in STEM Education
  28. Gender Role Attitudes in Japan
  29. Generational Trends in Attitudes about Gun Ownership
  30. Homelessness
  31. Identity Politics and the Latino vs. Hispanic Debate
  32. Intergroup Relationships - Attitudes and Behaviors
  33. Interpersonal Power in Intimate Relationships
  34. Investigating Bias and Measurement Validity
  35. Is Love Really Blind?
  36. Issue Evolution
  37. June Cleaver: Myth or Reality?
  38. Partisanship
  39. Racial Disparities in Mental Health
  40. Religion among Teens
  41. Religion and Opinions on Democracy in Ghana
  42. The Significance of Linked Fate for Women
  43. Social Capital in South Africa
  44. Social Capital Over Time and Across Generations
  45. Social Change
  46. Social Class and Attitudes about Inequality
  47. Social Class and Health
  48. State Legislator Job Duties
  49. State Legislators and Representation
  50. US Foreign Policy towards Haiti 1994
  51. Voter Turnout in the U.S.
  52. The War on Terror

Crosstab Assignment Builder

Tool used to "build simple tables to share with students"

According to ICPSR, the Crosstab Assignment Builder allows faculty to select subsets of variables for students to use in creating crosstabulation tables. The instructor selects a dataset, identifies relevant variables, and chooses options related to the desired level of student autonomy in table creation. A URL is generated that provides access to the limited-choice table where students can modify the display and create charts or graphs as appropriate.

Other exercises are available here

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