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Reviews: From Systematic to Narrative: Resources

About this Section

The RESOURCES section has information about the TRIP Database, a very selected list of journal citations on conducting a review and a list of web sites that should be helpful in either finding reviews or conduction a review.

The METHODS links are the links from the Campbell Collaboration Resource Center and provide a nice list of software and toolkits to assist in your review.

As always, please let us know about web sites or relevant journal citations to include in the guide.

Evaluating Sources


The electronic databases and/or printed indexes that you use must be relevant to the topic at hand.  For example, I would not search the CINAHL (nursing and allied health) database for information on dental polymer bonding.  However, it should be on your list if you are working on the topic of ethics in the health professions.

Trip Database

The TRIP Database is a clinical search engine designed to allow clinicians to quickly find answers to their clinical questions using the best available evidence.  The database is based in the UK. You will need to register, but registration is painless and free.

The TRIP Database started in 1997 as a result of the work of the founders (Jon Brassey and Dr Chris Price) in answering clinical questions. They recognized that searching multiple websites separately for relevant information was time-consuming. The creation of the TRIP Database allowed the simultaneous searching of multiple sites, hence speeding up the question answering process.

The evolution of the TRIP Database has been guided by the desire to answer real clinical questions using the principles of evidence based medicine.  TRIP Database Ltd’s involvement in clinical question answering has shown the type of material that is useful in answering genuine questions health professionals have.  In 2006 the site was externally evaluated by a team from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine ( led by Professor Paul Glasziou. 

For additional information on TRIP look at our FAQs section or contact TRIP.

The TRIP Database is produced by TRIP Database Ltd (for more information on TRIP Database Ltd see below).

About TRIP Database Limited

TRIP Database became incorporated in 2001 and this has allowed the directors (Jon Brassey and Dr Chris Price) to expand and develop the site as well as providing a spring-board for new knowledge services.  They currently provide services to a large number of UK and overseas organizations.


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