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PubMed via LHL: Advanced Search

Advanced Search

PubMed Search box showing Advanced Link

Advanced Search allows you to see your search history and build searches as shown below.

Search PubMed

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Updated PubMed

An updated PubMed is on its way. Visit the test site PubMed Labs to try the new version. PubMed Labs is a work in progress as the National Library of Medicine continues to develop new features.

Building Searches

 Combine result sets by using AND, OR or not using the search history numbers. Click on the "Items found" link to rerun a search.

You can also search using the Search Builder, a way to to construct a search one concept at a time.  Learn how by watching the video below.  This technique is particularly useful if you know the MeSH term you want to search.  The same process can be used to search using field tags such as author, grant number, publication type or journal.

Putting It All Together: PubMed Search Tips

  • Check the Details box
  • Use the Advanced Search page to see your search history and rerun searches
  • Use MeSH headings and subheadings to focus search
  • Apply limits (age groups, publication type) to focus your search
  • Combine searches  with  AND or OR on Advanced Search page
  • View “related articles” to expand your search
  • Use My NCBI to save searches or citations
  • Consider “Clinical Queries"
  • Link to full text articles with the Full Text@UAB Libraries button
  • Remember PubMed does not include everything
  • Ask a librarian if you get stuck!






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